Roz Wareing

Soil Compaction: Why is it a Problem for Potatoes?

Written by Patrick Skilleter Soil is one of the most vital parts of any crop field. It provides crops with nutrients and water, gathered by their roots. A large root system increases the plant’s ability to take up these vital materials, which in turn can improve their yield and yield quality; both vital for food […]

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Alex Blomfield: Rathlin Island Placement

Rathlin Island supports Northern Ireland’s largest seabird colony and I’ve been lucky enough to do a placement at the RSPB’s Rathlin West Light Seabird Centre this summer. It has been a welcome break from my PhD and, as someone who spends most of their time thinking about butterflies, it has been a fantastic opportunity to […]

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Patrick Skilleter: Summer Training Event

In June of 2019, the second cohort of CTP students undertook their first summer training event, held at the University of Warwick over the course of three days. Dr. Rosemary Collier, director of the Warwick Crop Centre, led the event, which included industrial visits, lectures, and a team building exercise. The day was a guest […]

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Helena Ripley: Finding Joy in Lab work

Lab work is part of my PhD and, as with all aspects of PhDs it has its ups and downs. Some of the stages have been stressful, tedious and exhausting. But working in the lab also allows me to network with fellow students, takes me out of my comfort zone, and changes the pace and […]

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