Monthly Archives: September 2021

Reviewing the food and drink skills landscape

Written by Nick Kuht:  During last winter I was fortunate enough to be able to complete a 3-month placement with KTN, an organisation which seeks to connect and support business, government, research and the third sector in responding to challenges across a range of sectors, driving positive change through innovation. Specifically, I spent my placement […]

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Inside the hive: The future of beekeeping

Witten by: Laine Callaghan Humans rely on pollinators. They’re essential to our survival. In fact, an estimated 90% of the world’s flowering plants and more than 75% of agricultural crops benefit from animal pollination to some extent. With increasing population size, climate change and an ever-growing lack of food security, these pollination services have become […]

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The Pearl-bordered Fritillary – Research Overview

Written by: Alex Blomfield Butterflies are sensitive environmental indicators, making them vulnerable to habitat loss and environmental change. The ecological requirements of lepidoptera are relatively well documented, but in an increasingly fragmented landscape, species’ persistence is influenced not only by the provision of adult and larval resources, but by the spatial configuration of habitat patches. […]

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Waitrose CTP Summer Team-Building Event

Written by Jennifer Davies. I (along with so many others) had a rocky start to the first year of my PhD but, for me, the end of the year was much smoother. After 12 months of being limited to virtual gatherings, it was great to finally meet and spend time with the Waitrose CTP cohorts […]

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