Inside the hive: The future of beekeeping

Witten by: Laine Callaghan Humans rely on pollinators. They’re essential to our survival. In fact, an estimated 90% of the world’s flowering plants and more than 75% of agricultural crops benefit from animal pollination to some extent. With increasing population size, climate change and an ever-growing lack of food security, these pollination services have become […]

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Celebrating Success

Congratulations to one of our WCTP students, Keira Dymond, on the publication of an article entitled ‘The role of insect pollinators in avocado production: A global review’  in The Journal of Applied Entomology. Dymond, K., Celis‐Diez, J.L., Potts, S.G., Howlett, B.G., Willcox, B.K. & Garratt, M.P.D. 2021. The role of insect pollinators in avocado production: […]

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