Monthly Archives: March 2021

It is a bug eat bug world …

… and we should take advantage of that. Written by: Lucy Crowther. In recent decades, our agricultural system has grown increasingly reliant on chemicals for the control of insect crop pests. But what do we do when those controls start to fail us? And what happens when governments ban whole chemical groups due to their […]

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The use of insect exclusion mesh to protect soft and stone fruit from damage by SWD (Spotted Wing Drosophila)

Written by: Nick Buck & Michelle Fountain Background SWD is a fruit fly native to south east Asia capable of causing yield reductions by ovipositing in soft and stone fruit increasing fruit susceptibility to pathogens and overall degradation. SWD overwinters in habitats neighbouring soft fruit crops especially in the winter months. These neighbouring habitats (e.g. woodland […]

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Sowing the Seeds of Society

Written by: Jessica Fostvedt Austin After a tedious number of years processing endless samples at the lab bench, I decided that my talents were best served in scientific writing, teaching, and outreach.  This was not a sudden career crisis; I entered this PhD programme knowing I would rather author a textbook than work in a laboratory.  […]

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