About Us

Our mission is to innovate to address global food security  challenges, with a unifying purpose to train PhD students.

Who is involved in the CTP?

Funded by BBSRC, the Waitrose CTP is a unique consortium of suppliers, Waitrose and academia. The collaboration comprises of 4 institutes over the UK, Waitrose Agronomy Group and fresh produce suppliers. Lancaster University is the project lead. The institute partners are the University of Reading, the University of Warwick and Rothamsted Research plus contribution and involvement from the University of East Anglia.

What are the research themes?

Research in the Waitrose CTP is offered under three interrelated research themes: Sustainable Crop Production, Sustainable Soil and Water and Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services in Agriculture.

  1. The Sustainable Crop Production aims to support the use of cutting-edge science in maximising crop productivity whilst minimising environmental impact. Our focus is on crop production up to the point of harvest.
  2. The Sustainable Soil and Water resources represent a major challenge in providing a sustainable food production system. Diffuse pollution from agriculture costs the UK economy £238 million per year and with future predictions for increased water shortages in parts of the UK under a changing climate it is important that these issues are addressed.
  3. Long-term sustainable production systems require a commitment to maintain biodiversity since it acts as a balance against modern monoculture crop production and safeguards the multi-functional landscape which supports delivery of all ecosystem services. All food production is both underpinned and supported by ecosystem services including water quality, water regulation and pollination and this, often-ignored, landscape component is critical to maintaining crop and food production. Our research will take an interdisciplinary approach to address how the value of these services affects policy and farmer decision making and how these, in turn, drive land-use choices.
What training is involved?

The CTP will provide the PhD students with opportunities to work with a develop new technologies and approaches, bringing in new expertise from different disciplines, to revolutionise research in these areas. The CTP aims to develop a cohort of doctoral researchers capable of conducting world-class research that delivers knowledge, innovation and new insights and who have the necessary tools, approaches and competencies to lead in their chosen field.

We will deliver this through a combination of providing:

  • The highest quality training opportunities
  • Training located at a range of sites within and outside the consortium
  • An exciting programme of non-academic placements
  • A simulating environment to work in
How can you get involved and learn more?

There are regular blog posts from academics, industry experts and students published on the CTP news page.

If you are interested in applying for a studentship recruitment opens early in the year, please visit the current opportunities page for more information.

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