Flamingo Horticulture

Flamingo Horticulture

Flamingo Horticulture is a vertically integrated horticulture business suppling into UK, European and global markets.

As growers, buyers and suppliers of a complete range of horticultural products, we provide an end to end service to retailers and wholesalers across the world.

In the UK, retailers are supplied with, cut flowers, pot plants and prepack and prepared vegetable products from our own farms and from our supply partners around the world.

From propagation of plant material and production on hydroponic to post-harvest treatment, preparation of complex packed-at-source products and then cold-chain transport from farm gate to international airports, this process concludes with delivery to markets worldwide.

We have long standing and substantial commitments to our CSR agenda, which operates throughout our supply chains across the globe and is a central pillar of our global strategy.

Our involvement in every stage of the process is essential in order to guarantee the quality, consistency, reliability and competitiveness that we believe our customers deserve and expect from Flamingo.