Meeting on UK’s run of unusual seasons

Weather and climate experts from across the UK came together at the Met Office’s HQ in Exeter today for a workshop to discuss the recent run of unusual seasons in Europe. A total of 25 delegates attended including representatives from the Universities of Exeter, Leeds, Oxford, Reading and Imperial College London, as well as the […]

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Lancaster University & Waitrose Agronomy Group collaboration

Lancaster University and TaskScape Associates have released a short film exploring case studies showing how low technology modifications and high technology, game-changing, innovations can provide the food supply chain with increased productivity, resource use efficiency and sustainability.   The importance of collaboration between researchers and different players in the supply chain is highlighted, such a […]

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Budget boost for science in the east

The budget may have been low on specifics but it is already clear that one part of the region is going to do very well out of the Chancellor. We understand that a large part of the £1.6bn announced for research and development will be going into agriscience

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