Press release

UK fruit consortium to deliver next generation of crop scientists

An industry consortium, led by Berry Gardens Growers Ltd and NIAB EMR, has won a BBSRC collaborative training partnership (CTP) award to provide a £1.9 million postgraduate programme for scientific research on fruit crops.

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FAO Global Soils Week 2015

The Executive Director for the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies has published conclusions from the FAO’s Global Soils week 2015. The theme of this year was “Soil. The Substance of Transformation” You can find the conclusions here: link

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LASI 2014 annual report

A link to the 2014 Annual Report for the LASI (Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects) has been added to the portal.  The report gives updates on the progress of LASI’s research.  You can find this on the University of Surrey’s portal page here.

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