‘Painting the Play’ — Liz Chapman

In collaboration with ‘Dramatizing Penshurst’, the aim of this project is to create a painting that illustrates Lady Mary Wroth’s (1587-1652) play Love’s Victory (c.1617), a pastoral tragicomedy. The course is officially held at Kent Adult Education Centre in Sevenoaks and the students and tutors will periodically visit Penshurst Place.

The composition of the painting will capture a scene or embrace the ambiance of the play. The interpretation of the play is completely in the artists’ hands as they can either paint a realistic view that describes a scene or in an abstract manner that suggests the complexity of the plot. This will include a great deal of creative thinking, life drawing, gathering reference, painting light and tone, and proportion.

The artist will complete a life drawing class with a model who will take poses which illustrate different scenes of the play. The artists will also get to read through summaries of the love plots given in the verses from The Book of Fortunes and some of the riddles, and discuss the story with a chance to work through ideas of how to approach the artwork using sketchbooks: abstract, realism, using text, coloured papers, texture, layering, etc. The artists will then commence painting with the group’s work culminating in an exhibition of paintings in the Garden Restaurant at Penshurst Place.

Two groups have completed the project ‘Painting the Play’, where a number of Liz Chapman’s students have taken a more holistic viewpoint and worked in abstract, while others have taken a section of the play and constructed an image portraying this.



About Liz Chapman M.A. Fine Art. Cert.Ed.
After studying at Reigate School of Art and Design, Liz worked in architectural design and draughtsmanship, before moving on to book illustration. Since 1992 she has worked part time as an Art Tutor and part time as an Artist, and spent the last three years in the north west coast of Scotland painting landscapes. She taught initially at West Kent College (where she also achieved a Cert.Ed), then Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Adult education Centre and now Sevenoaks. Liz achieved a Masters Degree in Fine Art at Brighton University in 2004, and has exhibited nationally.