Shakespeare and His Sisters on Site has concentrated, so far, on two different venues: Lancaster Castle in Lancaster, in collaboration with the Duchy of Lancaster and Penshurst Place, Kent in collaboration with the Penshurst Estate, the Viscount de L’Isle and Philip Sidney.



Summer 2024:  a site specific production of Shakespeare’s  Henry V in Shire Hall, Lancaster Castle on 29 May-1 June 2024

Is Shakespeare’s Henry V ‘the mirror of all Christian kings’ or a machiavellian war criminal? or both?

Shire Hall displays royal splendour but it is also a court room to put the play on trial.

Tickets (£20.00 full price; £10.00 concessions) can be booked online






Summer 2023  Edward III

A film of our 2023 Performance of Edward III by Shakespeare and ? staged in the Courtyard of Lancaster Castle can be seen here


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Most recent work at Penshurst Place was on 27 September 2022 we successfully staged and filmed Love’s Victory at Penshurst Place. The film is now freely accessible to members of the public along with an introduction to the play

The filmed coterie performance was part of an academic conference The Sidneys of Penshurst and Beyond: Contexts, Connections, Collaborations. Papers from the conference will be published in 2023 in a special double issue of the Sidney Journal.


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