Monaghan Mushrooms

Monaghan Mushrooms was founded in 1981 by CEO Ronnie Wilson.

Monaghan is one of the leading fresh mushroom and compost producers in the world. The company operates in 6 countries, has 4,000 staff and is an acknowledged authority on mushrooms.

Monaghan Mushrooms are leading supplier of mushrooms to Waitrose selling 1,700 tonnes per year. They’re one of the world’s leading producers of white and chestnut button and flat mushrooms.

These are called Agaricus mushrooms and make-up over 98% of Waitrose’s mushroom sales.

In everything that we do we strive for the highest possible quality. Not just merely growing and harvesting the highest quality food, to us quality means a passion for doing the best across all areas of our business and in all dealings we have with consumers, customers, employees and the communities within which we operate.

We believe that by staying true to our values we can shape the future. As the true health benefits of mushrooms are discovered and the benefits of eating mushrooms become better understood we will continue to invest in high-end scientific research to help understand the benefits of mushrooms in order that we can shape the future and allow our customers to live healthier and happier lives.

We’re wild about mushrooms and we love what we do – Mushrooms are the third largest vegetable category and play an important role in nutrition and health.

They’re low in fat and calories, are a good source of anti-oxidants. They have a meaty texture, cost a lot less than meat and can add wonderful taste and texture to meals.

Monaghan has been working with Waitrose to understand more about Water and Compost sustainability. These 2 short videos below explain how Monaghan control their use of these 2 very important ingredients in successful mushroom growing.