Huntapac Produce Ltd has been established since 1942 and is still owned and managed by the Hunter family now in its 4th generation. Huntapac Produce has been working with Waitrose since 2013 and supplies a range of root vegetables and salads.

The family values of providing quality produce to its customers are still very much at the heart of the business. Innovation and the adoption of new technologies and advancements throughout the farming, packing and distribution operations have meant that Huntapac Product Ltd has established itself as a unique business within the produce sector. Recent advancements in the nutrient enrichment of crops have aided not only quality improvements but also the soil restoration as key macro and micro nutrients are replenished.

Huntapac Produce Ltd continues to seek out innovation whilst ensuring its key principles of quality and service are at its core.

Soil enrichment

In this video, Huntapac explains how they enrich the soil with micronutrients to give a better quality and quantity of carrots.