Greencell is part of the Westfalia group of companies the largest grower of avocados in South Africa with plantations throughout the world.

The founder of Westfalia, Dr Hans Merensky, was a highly regarded Geologist, Scientist, Conservationist and Philanthropist. South Africa’s most famous prospector. In 1929 he established Westfalia Estates. His principles ensured that sustainability, humanitarian and ecological impact were and are key elements of the business.

Westfalia subscribes to the World Conservation Strategy, namely to maintain essential ecological processes and life-support systems such as soil regeneration and protection, to preserve genetic diversity and to ensure the sustainable utilisation of species and ecosystems in addition to being a member of the Camcore International Cooperative (International cooperative for gene conservation and tree improvement) and a Natural Heritage Site due to the protection of natural endangered Afro-Montane forest.

Westfalia is one of the world’s leading ethical horticultural suppliers providing a world class Wellness Centre, fully staffed Resource Centre and Primary School and has been running a Student Bursary Scheme for more than 20 years.

We do believe in sound science and research and our expertise is underpinned by our world-class research and development division Westfalia Technological Services who have six specialised teams focusing on:

  • quality assurance
  • breeding and varietal development
  • horticulture (evaluating new fruiting and rootstock cultivars)
  • pathology
  • market access (acting on behalf of the Subtropical Fruit Growers Association to mitigate risks and monitor pest levels, and interact with officials to facilitate wider market access)

Westfalia Technological Services are world-renowned for the development of the Dusa® rootstock from our avocado rootstock programme. Westfalia is in partnership with the IFC (World Bank) supporting rural communities throughout the world.

Greencell is an experienced supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables; in addition to avocados, we supply apples, pears, citrus, kiwi, mango (fresh and dried), grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cherries and porcini mushrooms without compromising the quality expectations of our customers. Greencell operates from two locations; Dartford which is minutes from London and Spalding in the heart of the vegetable garden of England where our state of art ripening facilities and the specialised team are based. Greencell is an advanced member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, operate zero landfill sites, are Carbon Trust accredited and ISO 14001 accredited.