BerryWorld has been working with Waitrose for the past 19 years to supply soft fruit from the best growers around the world to give Waitrose customers a consistent year-round offer. BerryWorld is a shareholder in a breeding company that breeds new varieties of soft fruit to give a better eating experience for the consumer and a sustainable future for all involved in the supply chain.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the business: this involves assisting growers worldwide in developing the best production techniques, while having a positive impact on the environment by, for example, enhancing on-farm biodiversity to develop staff and ensure that the business is sustainable.

Hall Hunter Partnership, Berkshire

The Hall Hunter Partnership is a large grower for BerryWorld and a significant supplier to Waitrose. Over the past 10 years, the Partnership has made considerable efforts to transform a largely arable farm to a soft fruit farm. In this video, David Kay, General Manager, gives an introduction to Hall Hunter and Tuesley Farm, emphasising the importance of sustainability to the business.

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