June 15, 2017

New AHDB-funded project – SCEPTREplus

Warwick University‘s School of Life Sciences is a partner in a new £1.4M 4-year project ‘SCEPTREplus’ funded by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). The aim of the project is to deliver applied research on high priority disease, pest and weed problems in fresh produce and ornamental crops in order to support approval of products and devise and develop IPM programmes. The project consortium is chaired by Ed Moorhouse (Agri-Food Solutions Director) and includes RSK ADAS, NIAB EMR and Stockbridge Technology Centre.

Article source: Warwick University


About SCEPTREplus

SCEPTREplus is a four year programme of work funded by AHDB to £1.4 million with financial and in-kind support from agrochemical and biopesticide manufacturers.

SCEPTREplus builds on the work carried out in the original SCEPTRE programme which ran from 2010 to 2014 testing a number of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides on vegetable, fruit and protected edible crops as well as the recently completed MOPS project which covered crop protection work in ornamentals.  The project is designed to respond to emerging crop protection issues as well as looking at longer term future issues helping provide solutions for growers.

SCEPTREplus research programme includes work on chemical, biological and physical crop protection methods.  Novel products as well as existing ones being used in a different way such as changes to application methods or timings will be considered.  Work on physical control started in the original SCEPTRE project will also be carried out, for example electric weeding.

SCEPTREplus will link with other crop protection programmes of work already underway for example HNS 198: To improve weed control in hardy nursery stock production. FV 446 Leeks: white tip control (Phytophthora porri) and the IPM programmes of work being conducted in soft fruit and tree fruit.  This is to prevent duplication and where relevant to learn from work being conducted in these programmes that could be beneficial for other crop sectors.

The project consortium is chaired by Ed Moorhouse (Agri-Food Solutions Director) and includes RSK ADAS, NIAB EMR, Stockbridge Technology Centre and the University of Warwick.  There is also the ability within the project to include other subcontractors to ensure the project uses the most relevant expertise and is cost effective in delivering solutions to growers.

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