Conference Highlights

Highlights from ICRI-HASS 2022

We are pleased to announce successful completion of the 2nd ICRI-HASS conference. This year we welcomed presenters not only from three partner universities but also from other universities around the world. The conference was attended by undergraduate and postgraduate students, members of academic staff and educational professionals from many parts of the world. Please browse through the content presented below for some of the conference’s highlights. To play videos in Facilitator and Student Presentations sections, please click on the corresponding pictures.

“I had fun in attending and presenting our research study. I loved how kind and friendly the guest speaker and the host were. I am very honoured and grateful for the experience. Thank you so much, Lancaster University, I am overjoyed for the experience.”

“I think the whole experience is good – the presentations are interesting and informative; the discussion part led by the facilitator was really helpful, which guided us to a nice talk about the conference’s theme and our research experience in the face of Covid situation. Very supportive, hope the discussion part could be longer!”

“I got to know different field of research or studies being conducted in different countries which is quite an eye opening for me. Thank you for organising such a good conference!”

“This type of conference is indeed a good platform for postgraduate students especially to share and gain insightful knowledge, also to gain recognition on their research.”

“The registration process was easy to access and very convenient, and the conference’s website is also helpful. Thank you for organising this great event!”

Facilitator Presentations (videos)

Language and Linguistics Strand (Dr. Nur Ainil Sulaiman)

Sociology Strand (Dr. Laura Clancy)

Digital Education Strand (Dr. Helmi Norman)

Psychology Strand (Dr. Eliza Berezina)

Student Presentations (videos)

Language and Linguistics Strand

Sociology Strand

Digital Education Strand

Psychology Strand

Highlights from ICRI-HASS 2021

We are delighted to announce successful completion of the 1st ICRI-HASS Conference. Many thanks to our Keynote speakers, student presenters and attendees for making this conference a great success! The conference attracted over 150 attendees from nearly 30 countries. Feel free to browse this page to learn more about what we did and to view some of our students’ and members’ of staff work. Click on the image below, on the right, to watch the opening part of the conference and to hear welcome notes from the Partner Universities’ Senior Leadership Team members.



“I found the student presentations very engaging, so much so I didn’t leave my computer to get a cup of tea. Tomorrow I will bring my flask!

Very informative. Thanks for hosting this conference.

“The whole session for today was very impactful.”

Really enjoyed Day 2 strands of Psychology and Education. Cannot wait for sociology strand tomorrow – this has been wonderful.

“It has been a very helpful conference. I learned new things, which I will apply. I made helpful connections, whom I will follow up with. And these will help me in my work.”

“Very well organised and clearly scheduled conference.”
Keynote Presentations (PDF files)
Student Presentations (PDF files)