Connecting the unconnected

  Informal toilets and a safe circular water economy International Symposium, Lancaster University, 28-29 March 2022 A venue for the exchange of …
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Closing the waste loop

Closing the waste loop; a case of the cattle rumen digestate amended with poultry droppings as bio-fertilizer. The end products of anaerobic digestion…
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A recipe for success

The team at the University of Benin have been working on different aspects of the RECIRCULATE Water for Energy Production workpackage, one very import…
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Learning from the students

In January we covered the commissioning and handing over ceremony of a Integrated Biodigester (IBD) plant at Umar Bun Hatab Islamic Basic School at Ma…
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Blue Skies ahead

Recycling organic waste (water, plants and food) using Anaerobic Digestion for sustainable food production in Ghana Lack of nutrients and/or water usu…
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Back to school in Ghana

The Integrated Biodigester (IBD) at Umar Bun Hatab Islamic Basic School at Madina Zongo has been operating since September 2021, the project began in …
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International Impact Webinar

In January 2022, the focus of our PARTICIPATE engagement has been around the project’s impact and legacy, highlighting work from our researchers…

January 27, 2022 News

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