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Engaged research – who benefits….and at what cost?

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Dr Priscilla Otuo, a RECIRCULATE Researcher at Lancaster University Ghana, reflects on the challenges of engaged research. In the past few years, calls for business and management scholars to engage in academia-community exchanges are increasing. The value of researchers and scholars working with, in and for their communities is clear, but what about the challenges […]

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COP26: Circular Solutions webinar

COP26 webinar

In October 2021, the focus of our PARTICIPATE engagement was COP26 and more specifically circular solutions for Africa. On 21st October our COP26: Circular Solutions webinar posed the question “How can eco-innovation deliver sustainable development in Africa?” exploring African perspectives on the potential for eco-innovation. Moderated by Dr Akan Odon and the RECIRCULATE team, the webinar […]

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Spotlight interview – Herbert Tato Nyirenda

Herbert Tato Nyirenda

Herbert Tato Nyirenda works currently as a Public Health Lecturer and Researcher at the Copperbelt University. To mark Zambia Independence Day, a national holiday which marks the independence of the country from the United Kingdom in 1964, we recently interviewed Tato to find out a little more about him, his experience with RECIRCULATE and how […]

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Biogas technology development in Ghana: contributions of CSIR’s institute of industrial research & the ACTUATE project

As the world waits for COP26, Dr Richard Bayitse considers how solving the global challenge of the climate crisis can build on local solutions to the energy needs of communities. Sustainable energy is key to the development of a nation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If energy can be derived from local sources, and used […]

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Achieving a sustainable Zongo: empowering children to decide where their waste ends up

Ekua Afrakoma Armoo, researcher on the GCRF-funded ACTUATE project, explains the social dimension of establishing a demonstrator waste management system at Madina Zongo, in Accra (Ghana). A Zongo in Ghana is characterised by two things: the majority of the people are Muslims and the commonest language is Hausa. In fact, “Zongo” originally meant “a settlement […]

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Spotlight interview – Dr Felly Mugizi Tusiime


Dr Felly Mugizi Tusiime is a Biodiversity Climate Change & Environment Management specialist with a PhD in Environmental Management. She is the current Head of Climate Change & Environment Sustainability programme at the Africa Innovations Institute (AfrII). Felly has over 18 years of work experience in biodiversity, land degradation-restoration, climate change action and environmental management. […]

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RECIRCULATE leaders present at UNGA76 Science Summit


The RECIRCULATE & ACTUATE projects were represented at the UNGA76 Science Summit by Prof. Kirk Semple (Director RECIRCULATE & ACTUATE), Dr Akan Odon (Africa Strategy Adviser), Prof. Lawrence Ezemonye (Nigerian Lead for RECIRCULATE) and Dr Felly Mugizi Tusiime (Head of Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability, AFRII). Lancaster University`s eco-innovation model was showcased alongside with the […]

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RECIRCULATE researcher presents at GHTM session


The RECIRCULATE “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” workpackage Senior Researcher Associate, Dr Joana Pais Zózimo, was invited to deliver a talk at the University Nova, Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IHMT), on 15th June 2021 under the Global Health and Tropical Medicine Research Centre sessions. The series is part of a wider initiative encouraged and led […]

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RECIRCULATE Annual Meeting 2021

Annual Meeting 2021

The RECIRCULATE/ACTUATE Annual Meeting for 2021 was held over 3 days in late September 2021. The Annual Meeting, originally intended to be hosted by the University of Benin in Nigeria, had a different format to both the 2019 and 2020 meetings, with 2019 being a completely face-to-face meeting and 2020 being completely online. The 2021 meeting had a hybrid format, with 3 venues for each […]

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