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Greenenergy: extending bioenergy action to a new generation

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Dr Andrew Amenaghawon, RECIRCULATE Post-Doctoral Research Associate at University of Benin, describes a success story for undergraduates working with the RECIRCULATE and ACTUATE team. An important part of RECIRCULATE and ACTUATE at University of Benin (UNIBEN) is to integrate our undergraduate students into the work of the projects. Part of that is for members of […]

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Spotlight Interview – Prof. Jess Davies

Jess Davies

Prof. Jess Davies is a Professor of Sustainability at Lancaster University and the Director of the Centre for Global Eco-innovation. She was originally trained as an engineer and in her PhD her research focused on developing new technologies that help make aircraft and other safety critical systems more reliable. For the past 10 years at […]

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Spotlight interview – Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves

Emmanuel Tsekleves

Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves is a senior lecturer in Health Design at ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University. He is also the convenor of Design Research Society Special Interest Group in Global Health and the co-director of the Future Cities Research Institute (Lancaster University, UK and Sunway University, Malaysia). Dr Akanimo Odon recently interviewed Emmanuel to find out a […]

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Spotlight interview – Dr Joanne Larty

Joanne Larty

Dr Joanne Larty is the work package lead for Entrepreneurship and Innovation [WP1] on the RECIRCULATE project. She is also a senior lecturer in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Lancaster University Management School. In her previous career, she worked as an IT consultant and then moved into marketing and became a Marketing Manager […]

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If you build it, they will understand

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Dr Mike Ajieh describes how the ACTUATE power-from-waste plant at University of Benin is translating RECIRCULATE research into real benefits for energy supply, the environment and student experience. The world is faced with huge challenge of municipal solid waste management. This is due mainly to the sheer volume of waste generated by the continuous increase […]

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Water, community and networks in the RECIRCULATE context

Accra, Ghana

In this blog, developed from her highly commended entry to the FLOW “Write a Blog” competition”, Kathleen Burke describes her research into sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems. One benefit of doing research is that it encourages you to think about the ‘bigger picture’ that frames the topic you are working on. My PhD at the Stockholm School […]

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A new world…

Dr Noimot wih friends

In this blog, developed from her highly commended entry to the FLOW “Write a Blog” competition”, Dr Noimot Abisola Balogun reflects on one positive lesson from a very hard year. For Africa, effective communications among the actors in the research value chain had long been a headache for health strategists like me – until 2019. […]

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World Water Day 2021

What does water mean to you?

Monday 22nd March 2021 is UN World Water Day and this year’s theme is “Valuing Water“, so we decided to ask some of the RECIRCULATE family in Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, United Kingdom and Zambia to tell us how important water is to their home and family life, livelihood, cultural practices, wellbeing or local […]

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The birth of an idea

Dr Alastair with a group of researchers

Prof. Alastair Martin shares his personal journey as a chemical engineer into RECIRCULATE, and how the idea of “safe digestate” is coming to life through the project. Roughly half of the world population- those of us who are lucky enough to live with water sufficiency- probably don’t fully appreciated how completely reliant we all are […]

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