Monthly Archives: March 2022

Thank you for PARTICIPATING!

Last week we saw the conclusion of the PARTICIPATE with RECIRCULATE series, with our International Impact Webinar: Enterprise. The webinar was held 24th March 2022 and explored the opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals from RECIRCULATE research. The webinar also served as a celebration of the RECIRCULATE Project – with partners, former residents and members of […]

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Connecting the unconnected

  Informal toilets and a safe circular water economy International Symposium, Lancaster University, 28-29 March 2022 A venue for the exchange of ideas and knowledge between researchers, practitioners and policy makers concerned with ‘sanitation for water and health’ – for the benefit of informal urban dwellers.   Background For most informal dwellers, water is unaffordable, […]

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Closing the waste loop

Closing the waste loop; a case of the cattle rumen digestate amended with poultry droppings as bio-fertilizer. The end products of anaerobic digestion (AD) are biogas and digestate. Digestate from our previous experiments has been shown to have the potential to help solve the problem of soil infertility in Sub-saharan Africa especially in the ultisols […]

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A recipe for success

The team at the University of Benin have been working on different aspects of the RECIRCULATE Water for Energy Production workpackage, one very important part of this work being the optimization of the anaerobic digestion process. Following on from earlier work within the project, the team have been aiming to establish the best ratio for […]

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Learning from the students

In January we covered the commissioning and handing over ceremony of a Integrated Biodigester (IBD) plant at Umar Bun Hatab Islamic Basic School at Madina Zongo, by CSIR, Lancaster University and other partners. Five students from Umar Bun Hatab Islamic basic school followed on with written articles to express their appreciation for the ACTUATE project […]

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