Systems & Control Lab

C. James Taylor, BSc (Hons), PhD, FIET
Professor of Control Engineering,
Engineering Department,
Faculty of Science & Technology,
Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.

Email c.taylor AT
Room C16, Engineering Building
Department Phone +44 (0) 1524 593093

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Looking for the Captain Toolbox?


Interdisciplinary statistical modelling and True Digital Control of uncertain systems in the natural sciences and engineering, with applied research spanning robotics, transport, energy, health and the environment.

Developer of Matlab Toolboxes for time series analysis, forecasting and control. This includes CAPTAIN for data-based mechanistic analysis of nonstationary and nonlinear systems.

Funding (More)

EPSRC (2021–2025: £668k Lancaster of £1,208k total) Advancing Location Accuracy via Collimated Nuclear Assay for Decommissioning Robotic Applications (ALACANDRA), with Prof. Barry Lennox and Prof. Francis Livens (Manchester University), and Prof. Malcolm Joyce [Details|University|EPSRC]

EPSRC (2021–2024: £1,499k total) Autonomous Inspection for Responsive and Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Manufacture (AIRS-NFM), with Prof. Stephen Marshall and Dr Paul Murray (University of Strathclyde), and Prof. Malcolm Joyce and Dr Xiandong Ma [Details|University|EPSRC]

EPSRC (2021–2024: £811k total) Novel high performance wave energy converters with advanced control, reliability and survivability systems through machine-learning forecasting, with Prof. Daniel Parsons and Dr Robert Dorrell (Hull University), and Prof. George Aggidis and Dr Xiandong Ma [Details|University|EPSRC]

EPSRC (2017–2021: £11,600k) National Centre for Nuclear Robotics, led by Prof. Rustam Stolkin (University of Birmingham) [Details|University|EPSRC]

Publications (More)

Clairon, Q., Henderson, R., Young, N., Wilson, E. and Taylor, C.J. (2021) Adaptive treatment and robust control, Biometrics, 77, pp. 223-236. DOI:10.1111/biom.13268

Avery, P., Clairon, Q., Henderson, R., Taylor, C.J. and Wilson, E. (2020) Robust and adaptive anticoagulant control, The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (Applied Statistics), 69, pp. 503–524. DOI:10.1111/rssc.12403

Wilson, E.D., Clairon, Q., Henderson, R. and Taylor, C.J. (2019) Robustness evaluation and robust design for proportional–integral–plus control, International Journal of Control, 92, pp. 2939–2951. DOI:10.1080/00207179.2018.1467042

Wilson, E.D., Clairon, Q., Henderson, R. and Taylor, C.J. (2018) Dealing with observational data in control, Annual Reviews in Control, 46, pp. 94–106. DOI:10.1016/j.arcontrol.2018.05.001

Burrell, T., Fozard, S., Holroyd, G.H., French, A.P., Pound, M.P., Bigley, C.J., Taylor, C.J. and Forde, B.G. (2017) The Microphenotron: a robotic miniaturized plant phenotyping platform with diverse applications in chemical biology, Plant Methods, 13, pp. 1–20. DOI:10.1186/s13007-017-0158-6

Tsitsimpelis, I., Wolfenden, I. and Taylor, C.J. (2016) Development of a grow–cell test facility for research into sustainable controlled–environment agriculture, Biosystems Engineering, 150, pp. 40–53. DOI:10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2016.07.008

Laboratory (More)

Dr Alex Grievson (Senior Research Associate, 2020-) Nuclear robotics manipulator control (funder: EPSRC)

Olivia Albrecht (PhD student) Optimization for robotics in nuclear decommissioning applications (co-supervisor: Dr Steve Monk)

Oliver Tate (PhD student) Energy management and control of micro-climate in buildings (co-supervisor: Dr David Cheneler)

Inam Khan (PhD student) Optimal demand-supply energy management in smart grids (co-supervisor: Dr Xiandong Ma)

Tomáš Fried (PhD student) In situ measurement and analysis of sludge using a robotic platform (lead–supervisors: Dr Steve Monk and Dr David Cheneler) (funder: Sellafield Ltd CINDe project)

Graduates (More)

Yousaf Alarfaj (2021) A case study of fractional-order control

Dr Kieran Reeves (2021) Integrated optimisation for dynamic modelling, path planning and energy management in hybrid race vehicles

Dr Craig West (2019) Development of an assisted tele–operation system for a dual–manipulator nuclear decommissioning platform (funder: Lancaster University)

Dr Anita Crompton (2019) Long–range scanning based detection of alpha–induced air fluorescence even under daylight conditions (funder: NDA)

Dr Michal Cieslak (2019) Development of a scintillator based coded–aperture neutron imager for nuclear decommissioning applications (funder: Sellafield Ltd)

Dr Ioannis Tsitsimpelis (2017) Modelling for improved energy efficiency and reduced water consumption in an optimised closed–environment grow cell (funder: ERDF)

Dr David Robertson (2015) State–dependent control of a hydraulically–actuated nuclear decommissioning robot (funder: NDA)

Dr Philip Cross (2012) Continuous–time PIP control of marine energy converters (funder: EPSRC SUPERGEN)

Dr Stephen Quayle (2012) Investigation of high–lift multi–element profiles for vertical–axis tidal stream turbines (funder: Lancaster University)

Dr Kester Gunn (2012) Generic optimisation of wave energy converter performance (funder: E.ON, EPSRC)

Dr Vasileios Exadaktylos (2008) Model predictive control structures in the non–minimal state space (funder: Marie Curie Fellowship)

Dr Essam Shaban (2006) State dependent parameter control applied to construction robots and other nonlinear systems

Dr Matthew Stables (2006) Nonlinear control of a ventilation chamber (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Steven Wright (2006) Control of IVT based vehicles by intelligent selection between alternative solutions

Professional Activities

Editorial Board, Biosystems Engineering

Editorial Board, Environmental Modelling & Software

Editorial Board, Progress in Nuclear Energy

Executive Committee, Automatic Control Council (UKACC)

Academic Accreditation Committee, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Member, IFAC Technical Committees on Control in Agriculture, Modelling & Control of Environmental Systems, Robotics, and Transportation & Vehicle Systems

Current Teaching

Engr202 Instrumentation and Control

Engr406 Intelligent System Control (MEng)

Engr506 Intelligent System Control (MSc)

Career & Education

Academic, Engineering Department, Lancaster University (2000–present)

Research Associate, Environmental Science Department, Lancaster University (1994–2000)

PhD Control Engineering, Lancaster University (1996)

BSc (Hons.) Environmental Science, Lancaster University (1992)

Ermysted’s Grammar School, Skipton, North Yorkshire (1982–1989)

Kirkby Malham Primary School, North Yorkshire

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