EPSRC (2021–2025: £668k Lancaster of £1,208k total) Advancing Location Accuracy via Collimated Nuclear Assay for Decommissioning Robotic Applications (ALACANDRA), with Prof. Barry Lennox and Prof. Francis Livens (Manchester University), and Prof. Malcolm Joyce [Details|University|EPSRC]

EPSRC (2021–2024: £1,499k total) Autonomous Inspection for Responsive and Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Manufacture (AIRS-NFM), with Prof. Stephen Marshall and Dr Paul Murray (University of Strathclyde), and Prof. Malcolm Joyce and Dr Xiandong Ma [Details|University|EPSRC]

EPSRC (2021–2024: £811k total) Novel high performance wave energy converters with advanced control, reliability and survivability systems through machine-learning forecasting, with Prof. Daniel Parsons and Dr Robert Dorrell (Hull University), and Prof. George Aggidis and Dr Xiandong Ma [Details|University|EPSRC]

NCNR Flexible Fund (2019–2021: £100k) Motion planning and trajectory generation for a robot assisted laser cutting manipulator, with Dr Allahyar Montazeri [Details|University]

CINDe–NNL–Sellafield Ltd (2018–2022: £50k) Mobile sensor network for deployment and characterisation of the environment in nuclear sites, with Dr Allahyar Montazeri and Dr Steve Monk [Details|University]

EPSRC (2017–2021: £748k Lancaster of £11,600k total) National Centre for Nuclear Robotics, with Prof. Rustam Stolkin (Birmingham University) [Details|University|EPSRC]

CINDe–NNL–Sellafield Ltd (2017–2021: £50k) In situ measurement and analysis of sludge using a robotic platform, with Dr David Cheneler and Dr Steve Monk  [Details|University]

STFC (2017: £4k) Fluorescence spectra of alpha emitting isotopes for stand–off detector development, with Dr Kelum Gamage (Glasgow University) [Details|University]

EPSRC (2016–2020: £81k) Industrial CASE award for GPR integrated mixed–field imaging, with Dr Kelum Gamage (Glasgow University) [Details|University]

NNL–NDA (2016–2020: £33k) GPR integrated mixed–field imaging, with Dr Kelum Gamage (Glasgow University) [Details|University]

EPSRC (2015–2018: £293k Lancaster of £547k total) Adaptive treatment and robust control, with Prof. Robin Henderson and Prof. Nicholas Young (Newcastle University) [Details|University|EPSRC]

EPSRC (2015–2018: £209k Lancaster of £406k total) Technology development to evaluate dose rate distribution in PCV and to search for fuel debris submerged in water, with Prof. Barry Lennox (Manchester University) and Prof. Malcolm Joyce [Details|EPSRC]

NNL–NDA (2015–2019: £86k) Long range scanning based detection of alpha–induced air fluorescence even under daylight conditions, with Dr Kelum Gamage (Glasgow University) [Details|University]

NNL–NDA (2015–2019: £90k) Autonomous mobile robotic systems for remote handling and decommissioning [Details|University]

Sellafield Ltd (2015–2019: £23k) Development of a coded–aperture neutron imager for nuclear decommissioning applications, with Dr Kelum Gamage (Glasgow University) [Details|University]

BBSRC (2014–2016: £108k Lancaster of £167k total) The Microphenotron: Developing an automated microphenotyping platform to unlock the potential of chemical biology in plants, with Prof. Brian Forde [Details|University|BBSRC]

NNL–NDA (2010–2012: £83k) Fast, smooth and co–ordinated control of a dual–arm manipulator used for nuclear decommissioning [Details|University]

EPSRC (2002–2005: £60k) Control of nonlinear systems identified using scheduled, adaptive and state dependent parameter models [Details|EPSRC]

EPSRC (2002–2004: £232k) PS Frog Mk 5: A promising point-absorber offshore wave energy converter, with Prof. Alan Bradshaw [Details|EPSRC]

Highways Agency (2001–2003: £122k) Coordination of ramp metering sites: Traffic flow modelling and linked ramp metering control, with Prof. Peter Young and Dr Arun Chotai [Details]

Nuffield Foundation (2001–2003: £5k) Data–based modelling and adaptive control system design for the regulation of micro–climate in agricultural buildings [Details]