Research Associates

Dr Manuel Bandala Sanchez (Senior Research Associate, 2021-) Condition monitoring and control for responsive and sustainable nuclear fuel manufacture (co-supervisors: Dr Xiandong Ma and Prof Malcolm Joyce) (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Ioannis Tsitsimpelis (Senior Research Associate, 2021-) Advancing location accuracy via collimated nuclear assay for decommissioning robotic applications (co-supervisor: Prof Malcolm Joyce) (funder: EPSRC)

Research Associates (Alumni)

Dr Yueqi Wu (Research Associate, 2022-2023) Survivability, reliability and optimised control of devices in the marine environment (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Alex Grievson (Senior Research Associate, 2020-2022) Nuclear robotics manipulator control (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Manuel Bandala (Research Associate, 2018-2020) Nuclear robotics manipulator control (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Hamidreza Nemati (Research Associate, 2018-2020) Nuclear robotics control and navigation (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Emma Wilson (Senior Research Associate, 2016-2019) Adaptive treatment and robust control (funder: EPSRC)

Thomas Burrell (Research Associate, 2014-2015) The Microphenotron (funder: BBSRC)

Doctoral Students

Olivia Albrecht (PhD student) Optimization and control for robotics in nuclear decommissioning applications (co-supervisor: Dr Steve Monk)

Aydin Can (PhD student) Mobile sensor networks (lead-supervisors: Dr Allahyar Montazeri and Dr Steve Monk) (funder: Sellafield Ltd CINDe project)

Doctoral Graduates

Dr Inam Khan (2022) Optimal demand-supply energy management in smart grids

Dr Tomáš Fried (2022) In situ mechanical analysis of sludge in hazardous environments (funder: Sellafield Ltd NNL CINDe project)

Dr Yousaf Alarfaj (2021) A case study of fractional-order control

Dr Kieran Reeves (2021) Integrated optimisation for dynamic modelling, path planning and energy management in hybrid race vehicles

Dr Craig West (2019) Development of an assisted tele-operation system for a dual-manipulator nuclear decommissioning platform (funder: Lancaster University)

Dr Anita Crompton (2019) Long-range scanning based detection of alpha-induced air fluorescence even under daylight conditions (funder: NDA, STFC)

Dr Michal Cieslak (2019) Development of a scintillator based coded-aperture neutron imager for nuclear decommissioning applications (funder: Sellafield Ltd)

Dr Ikechukwu Ukaegbu (2019) Integration of ground–penetrating radar and gamma–ray detectors for non–intrusive localisation of buried radioactive sources (funder: NNL)

Dr Ioannis Tsitsimpelis (2017) Modelling for improved energy efficiency and reduced water consumption in an optimised closed-environment grow cell (funder: ERDF)

Dr Linas Gelazanskas (2016) Balancing of intermittent renewable generation in smart grid (funder: EPSRC)

Dr David Robertson (2015) State-dependent control of a hydraulically-actuated nuclear decommissioning robot (funder: NDA)

Dr Mark Selwood (2015) Development of technologies for a portable monosphere neutron spectrometer

Dr Philip Cross (2012) Continuous-time PIP control of marine energy converters (funder: EPSRC: SUPERGEN)

Dr Stephen Quayle (2012) Investigation of high-lift multi-element profiles for vertical-axis tidal stream turbines

Dr Kester Gunn (2012) Generic optimisation of wave energy converter performance (funder: E.ON, EPSRC)

Dr Vasileios Exadaktylos (2008) Model predictive control structures in the non-minimal state space (funder: Marie Curie Fellowship)

Dr Essam Shaban (2006) State dependent parameter control applied to construction robots and other nonlinear systems

Dr Matthew Stables (2006) Nonlinear control of a ventilation chamber (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Steven Wright (2006) Control of IVT based vehicles by intelligent selection between alternative solutions

Dr Jun Gu (2004) Intelligent servo control of a robot excavator (funder: EPSRC)

Dr Li Ding (2003) Comparison of some new schemes for the control of the boiler of a nuclear power plant (funder: EPSRC)


Eleni Sidiropoulou (2009) Multiple nonlinearity SDP modelling and control

MSc by Research

Giedrius Rakauskas (2013) Movement replicating robotic arm control interface (funder: Fisher) YouTube video

Other MSc Students

PI and PIP control strategies for blood clotting speed using warfarin when data are missing, Don Millevithanatchy, 2023

Singularity investigation of Telbot 6R robotic manipulator, Matthew Scott, 2020

Vehicle stability control system – Compensation for changes in vehicle wheelbase, Rubab Awan, 2020

Simscape modelling of a hydraulically operated nuclear decommissioning robot, Mark Doulin, 2019.

Design of a robotic tracking system for spray coating on inclined and curved surfaces, Matthew Boon, 2019.

Remotely operated vehicle tooling for nuclear decommissioning, Gregory Brookes, 2019.

Design, development and evaluation of a part recognition and labelling system for galvanised products, Armand Irmawan, 2017.

A comparative study on the feasibility of an international collaboration within the cleanroom industry, Lloyd Steele, 2017.

Modelling to improve the energy efficiency of space heating on campus, Elina Ioannou, 2016.

Vision and robotic control interface system, Akande Tunji, 2015.

Obstacle avoidance based on visual detection, Bastian Moulia, 2014.

Integration of force feedback into nuclear decommissioning robots, Saravanan Yogeswaran, 2014.

Dynamics and control of high performance cars with active aerodynamic systems, Wayne Gater, 2014.

Development of a low cost embedded weight monitoring system for a modular ship transfer system, Karl Morris, 2013.

Control of marine hybrid propulsion system, Michael Williamson, 2013.

Inverse kinematics for a redundant hydraulic robotic manipulator, Pierre Besset, 2013.

Data-based mechanistic modelling and thermal and ventilation control of forced ventilation test chamber, Kashif Ejaz, 2013.

Data-based modelling of temperature distribution, Ioannis Tsitsimpelis, 2012.

Nuclear decommissioning robot control, Alexandre Ambiehl, 2012.

Best efficiency point control of variable speed centrifugal pumping systems for waste water, David Bolton, 2010.

Dual manipulator for nuclear applications, Dimitrios Sagos, 2010.

Nuclear decommissioning stage and gate process evaluation, Bryn Largue, 2010.

An approach to decommissioning an active chemical process facility, Alex Hayman, 2010.

The challenges facing high volume very low level radioactive waste disposal in the UK, Michael Ingrams, 2010.

Decommissioning and disposal of modified Magnox flasks, Irfan Shahed, 2010.

Photo of robotic spider

Autonomous spider robot, Thibault Pelletier, 2008.

State dependent parameter models for a robot arm joint, Xin Niu, 2008.

Are we safe enough, David Lindley, 2008.

A review of how military aviation utilises cost benefit analysis to support ALARP decisions, John Loxley, 2008.

An investigation of the air change rate within a building and gaseous build up within a fume cupboard, Alison Graham, 2008.

Replacement of irradiated fuel storage pond ion exchange system at Heysham 1, Steven Girdley, 2008.

Resolving conflict between the site safety case and the submarine safety case for the astute class submarine during changing material states, Patricia Spain, 2008.

Collision avoidance control, Hu Yang, 2007.

The need for and changes to the method of aircraft system and safety reporting, Jamie Ayliffe, 2007.

Proportional-Integral-Plus (PIP) control of heave compensation system, Tarig Mustafa, 2006.

Load share riser tension system for vessel cost reduction, Jatin Bhatt, 2006.

The in-service safety management of the United Kingdom’s Tornado aircraft, Guy Barratt, 2006.

Zonal hazard analysis – underused art or nugatory task, Steven Blayney, 2006.

A smarter approach for integrating “smart” weapons onto military aircraft, Steven Ivey, 2006.

An examination of a current military aircraft project including recommendations for reducing project cost and duration without compromising safety, Rob McCormick, 2006.

Adaptive hardware and systems – avionics panacea or pie in the sky, Anthony Wright, 2006.

Automated verticality alignment system for a vibro-lance, Stephen Ako, 2004.

Modelling and control of temperature, Lancaster ventilation chamber for micro-climate control, Saurabh Pradhan, 2004.

Suppliers of safety critical engineering products and services for traction and rolling stock to the UK rail industry – managing the risk, Mick O’Connor, 2004.

A model for the assessment of risk due to management oversight in the UK rail vehicle acceptance process, Wally Harrison, 2004.

Managing human error: a prototype methodology for aviation, Philip Lawrence, 2004.

CE marking of products by the US manufacturer, Steve Morgan, 2004.