Anthony Hoyle

Anthony Hoyle was a Sergeant who served in the 1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster regiment during the war. Having been born in Overton, Lancashire, in 1875, Anthony was in his forties when he died. He left behind his wife, Jane, and three teenage children, as well as a young child who he never had the chance to meet. In sharing her experiences with researching her family’s history, Karen Doran, a descendant of Anthony, shared how virtually nothing was ever discussed about Anthony whilst growing up. It was only in 2008 when Karen started to investigate the experiences and background of Anthony and his family.

Karen started her research by turning to living relatives, asking questions and trying to find out from distant relations if they knew much about Anthony and his family. With her curiosity piqued, Karen continued her investigation by using online genealogical websites where she was able to find his service record. In her research, Karen unearthed new insights into her family, as well as more questions. However, Karen is determined to find more about her relative and is chasing new leads, and is set on finding a photograph of him so that she can finally see this man she has spent years learning about.

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