The research and the stories behind the research in the words of RECIRCULATE’s researchers and those who work with us and use our research

Welcome to the “The FLOW” section of the RECIRCULATE website. We are developing it as a collection of short, non-technical articles written by those closest to the work of the project and to the challenges and solutions associated with the “circular water economy”. We refer to The FLOW as “RECIRCULATE stories”, and that’s just what it is. These are not research articles, although some of them describe the progress in our research. These are the stories “behind the research”. 

The authors of the blogs are not just our researchers but also those from the network of those who have contributed to the project in many different ways. We think that this is the best way of explaining what the project is all about: what we are doing and why. We hope that you will enjoy reading these blogs. 

We are keen that they reach as many people as possible. That means that you are welcome to republish them so long as you follow our guidelines.

We have also created a set of guidelines for all RECIRCULATE researchers and research-users providing tips for writing blog articles. For access to these pages please contact

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Power ladies

[Taken from original article on Lancaster Environment Centre website] When Dr Nellie Kangwa was a young child she asked her father if she could become…
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