April 21, 2022

How was it for you?

Watch in the sand

As the RECIRCULATE project comes to the end of its 4.5 year funded period, we asked those who joined us for the most recent PARTICIPATE webinar, “How has the project has impacted you?”.

Hajara Tanko (Director, Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Nigeria)
My visit to Lancaster University during the Residency programme gave me insight into how the university has dedicated team to go out and market Research products from the university. It was an insight as well as the practical application of Research Industry knowledge.

Yvonne Awino Omondi (Kenyatta University, Kenya)
From the program I have learnt that the opportunities are within us. Take advantage of them. For example the tonnes of organic waste especially in Africa. By getting rid of them, we create more opportunities in sustainable waste and land management and bioenergy production.

Georgina Erifeta (Igbinedion University, Nigeria)
For me my connection with the RECIRCULATE project has totally connected and synchronised the need for entrepreneurial thinking with circular economy in general. I have been intensely motivated.

Mike Ajieh (University of Benin, Nigeria)
My experiences with RECIRCULATE and ACTUATE were massive. Learned so much from colleagues, the travels to LU and Ghana were fantastic and exposing. Thumbs up to LU, partner institutions and especially, the project funders (UKRI and GCRF).

James Ofuase (University of Benin)
It think the project has exposed me to the importance of merging entrepreneurship with research. It has a feeling of killing two birds with one stone. Obviously, the results from research are often aimed at improving mankind, but making money alongside ensures that the objectives of research are ultimately met.

Sjani Human (South Africa)
I have already engaged with a community where in I will be able to Implement the Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School Project. I am more motivated than ever before, to the extent that everyone is asking me for a turn to speak for I haven’t stop talking since back in SA.

Emmanuel Ogbimida (Copperbelt University, Zambia)
My participation in the RECIRCULATE project has recalibrated my research skills and professional opportunities in promoting academic corporation that have link with researchers, institutions and industries.

Peggy Ama Donkor (GTV, Ghana)
RECIRCULATE has changed my perspective on research findings. The slogan publish or perish is now a thing of the past, because I now know from RECIRCULATE that we can achieve much by involving all stakeholders for practical purposes than shelving research findings.

Edu Inam (University of Uyo, Nigeria)
RECIRCULATE has demonstrated that research can translate into sustainable developments.

Doris Njoka (Kenyatta University, Kenya)
I couldn’t have connected with a better team than the RECIRCULATE family. My eyes are more open to the potential in market and other waste to better the environment and the lives of the people in my country and beyond. Thank you and congratulations on your visible and lasting results.

Valerie Ifeyinwa Ofili Edosa (University of Benin, Nigeria)
RECIRCULATE gave me an interdisciplinary solution based research family.”

Samuel Brocklebank (Lancaster University)
This is the first time a job has left me feeling like I’ve been part of an ‘experience’. To have an impact on me as an administrative assistant and officer, I think the RECIRCULATE project has been something truly special. Thank you to everyone that’s been a part of this journey!