At each RECIRCULATE workshop participants are offered the opportunity to apply for a residency at Lancaster University, UK.  Up to 12 applicants per workshop are selected and offered a place on one of the residencies.

During the residency period, which typically last 4 weeks, staff at Lancaster University provide training on the technical elements of RECIRCULATE research and knowledge exchange practices.

Residents are assigned mentors who act as the first point of contact within the university and beyond, helping to identify the most appropriate individuals, groups and organisations with whom the resident could interact and often facilitating these meetings.

Trips to others universities, businesses and other relevant institutions are arranged for the whole cohort, along with a programme of cultural visits.  

At the end of the residency period all participants deliver a final presentation outlining their own personal roadmap for post residency activity.

In addition to the Lancaster-based residencies, an additional programme was developed by CSIR Crops Research Institute when it was recognised that the capacity building required by 2 workshop participants would be best met through the expertise in Kumasi, Ghana. 

1. May/June 2018 (Lancaster)
2. July/August 2018 (Lancaster)
3. October 2018 (Lancaster)
4. November 2018 (Lancaster)
5. May/June 2019 (Lancaster)
6. August/September 2019 (Kumasi)
7. July 2021 (Lancaster)