November 30, 2021

ACTUATE Student Webinar

Through November, as we wrap up the ACTUATE Project, there has been engagement with the students from our partner institutions in Africa which has led to a Whatsapp group of over 200 students being convened and active with interaction. The one month programme started November 1st, with 70 students being nominated in total and over 120 students participating once the programme commenced. Dr Akan Odon is hopeful that more of these one-month programmes can be held but be led by the partners – for legacy. On Thursday, November 18th 2021 we held the “ACTUATE Student Webinar” which highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the Bio-energy space in Africa, explored the fundamentals of the circular water economy and showcased the work on the ACTUATE project to students form different African countries.

Moderated by Dr Akan Odon and the RECIRCULATE team, the webinar featured speakers from University of Benin, Nigeria, Avenam Links International Limited, Nigeria and Council for Scientific & Industrial Research – Institute of Industrial Research, Ghana.

Nina Ani, the CEO and founder of Avenam Links International Limited, shared waste management and bioenergy case studies. As a bioenergy entrepreneur, Nina offered insight to her success and showcased the work behind developing and implementing renewable energy projects in Nigeria.

Dr Andrew Amenaghawon, (ACTUATE Co-Leader, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, University of Benin Nigeria), showcased the Nigerian ACTUATE PROJECT and Bioenergy case studies in Nigeria. Andrew showed the work done in Nigeria towards development of anaerobic digestion demonstrator systems to deliver electricity, sanitation improvements and sustainable fertiliser for crops.

Dr Richard Bayitse, (Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Industrial Research, CSIR Ghana) shared a presentation of the Ghana ACTUATE PROJECT and Bioenergy case studies in Ghana. Richard explored biogas trends in Ghana, showing its history of implementation and the contributions made by CSIR-IIR.