July 14, 2021

RECIRCULATE researcher presents at FST Science week

FST Science week

Saanu Victoria Obatusin, a graduate researcher within the “Water for Energy Production” workpackage team, delivered an oral presentation at the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Science Week 2021.

She gave a talk on the research theme “Resource recovery from waste: Optimizing anaerobic digestion to produce clean energy and safe organic fertiliser” during the PhD research talks session. The partners involved in the research include the RECIRCULATE members Bhushan Gandhi, Dr Alfonso Lag-Brotons Prof. Kirk Semple, Prof. Ian Dodd, Prof. Roger Pickup and Prof. Alastair Martin.

The week-long online event took place from 12th April to 16th April bringing together the Faculty Annual Conference and Public Lecture Series with a week of talks and activities. The theme of the event was “change”, recognising that all our lives have been changed dramatically and that in its many forms, science will help shape the changes still to come. The event featured Prof. David Halpern, Chief Executive of The Behavioural Insights Team, as a keynote speaker and talks about some of the fascinating research taking place in the Faculty of Science and Technology.