August 7, 2020

Guidelines for Republishing RECIRCULATE blogs

We hope that readers will find value in our blogs and want to re-publish them for their own audiences.  For that reason all the blogs in The FLOW are published under a Creative Commons — Attribution/No derivatives license. That means that you are welcome to republish them so long as you follow the guidelines below.


  • You have to credit RECIRCULATE by including a link back to the URL of the original article on the RECIRCULATE website.
  • You also have to credit authors and their institutions.
  • You should let us know that you have republished by e-mailing us at
  • If you want to edit or translate our text then you should check with the author first by e-mailing
  • If you want to use extracts from the article or quote the authors then you should include a link back to the URL of the original article on the RECIRCULATE website.