Celebrating International Women in Science Day 2021 – BLS Team

Today, 11th February 2021, is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Currently, only 30% of researchers worldwide are women. The 6th Assembly for this day will be held virtually from the United Nations Headquarters involving women in science experts from across the globe. The figures below show the proportion of female vs male Read more about Celebrating International Women in Science Day 2021 – BLS Team[…]

The NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP): An Interview with Louise – Ellie McFarlane

The NHS Scientist Training Programme is an extremely competitive postgraduate qualification programme for students wanting a career in healthcare science.   Louise, a fellow Lancaster BLS graduate, is now a first year on the NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP) specialising in Cardiac Science and based in Northampton General Hospital in the East Midlands. She has Read more about The NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP): An Interview with Louise – Ellie McFarlane[…]

NHS Placements- James Senior

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post! Here, I will be discussing information I have found out myself whilst considering a placement year in a lab and talk about my own placement journey taking place right now. Many are unaware that they can take a placement year when they are part of the accredited Read more about NHS Placements- James Senior[…]

Peer Mentoring for Current 1st Year BLS Students

Dear First year students, Biomedical and Life Science will be piloting a Peer Mentoring system in the next academic year, whereby second year students may become peer mentors to our new incoming first year students.  As you will be in your second year when you return in October, we would like to invite you to Read more about Peer Mentoring for Current 1st Year BLS Students[…]

An interview with the founder of Defying Dementia, Dr Penny Foulds

Dementia describes a set of symptoms, e.g. memory loss or difficulties with thinking, that arise when the brain is harmed by neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease1. With an ageing population, dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, recently overtook heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales, so the research and development of Read more about An interview with the founder of Defying Dementia, Dr Penny Foulds[…]

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

Lancaster University’s very own Craig O’Hare recently took part and won Organs Zone’s ‘I’m a Scientist, Get me out here’ competition! *Woo hoo* The competition aims to bridge the gap between students and real scientists, give young people a voice and teaches them about science and scientists in a fun, engaging and memorable way. Over Read more about I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here![…]

Cheap work experience abroad?!

‘High quality work experience will help you to stand out from the crowd, and show employers that you have the skills, knowledge and experience they need.’ With that statement, it is obvious why as university students waiting to join the queue of highly qualified graduates luring over one job. We are all keen to stand out Read more about Cheap work experience abroad?![…]


Want an easy and non-time consuming way to gain all of the transferable skills and work experience?! If your answer is ‘no’ then this could be slightly awkward… But if it is a resounding ‘yes, please!’ then WRITE FOR US! We want articles in the following categories: – Interesting research – e.g. articles describing any Read more about WRITE FOR US[…]

Bringing the BLS blog to life…

The presentation given at the Digital Lancaster Sharing Practice Event by Christine Shirras and Jed Winstanley detailing the blog research and creation process, a bit more detail about the blog and future hopes can be found here.   More information about future Sharing Practice Events can be found at this link.

Content submissions

Got something you would like to see featured on the blog?! Whether it is an article, picture, video, advertisement, interview, book review etc. send it to any of our social media sites or #blsstudentblog and a member of our editorial team will get it uploaded as soon as possible! Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat: @blsstudentblog Email: Read more about Content submissions[…]