Want an easy and non-time consuming way to gain all of the transferable skills and work experience?!
If your answer is ‘no’ then this could be slightly awkward… But if it is a resounding ‘yes, please!’ then WRITE FOR US!
We want articles in the following categories:
– Interesting research – e.g. articles describing any research currently being performed at Lancaster University or a topic you are particularly interested in (this could also form the extra reading component in exams or just a way of finally kicking off your revision timetable)
– Reviews – e.g. reviews of any popular science books you may have read, modules/projects you have completed (3rd year dissertation topics maybe?)
– Careers in Biosciences – know of any academics/alumni/PhD students you could interview? Or maybe some voluntary work you have carried out that other students could do too?
– Life as a student – e.g. an article describing your experiences of transitioning from sixth form/college to university, university life in general, applying for and/or studying abroad, any success stories you have had as a student (don’t laugh, I’m being serious!) or maybe just any general advice (how you stay motivated etc.)
REMEMBER you can put down ‘BLS blog contributor’ on your CV as it demonstrates your ability to show off a huge range of transferable skills wanted by employers including, but not limited to: communication, critical thinking, scientific reading comprehension and writing, interpersonal, reflection, creativity, networking and team working.

4 thoughts on “WRITE FOR US

  • I am not studying a scientific subject myself but would be interested in writing articles related to student life and adapting to the new surroundings of university of that would be possible?


    • Yes of course! If you could get them in to us ideally before the end of the Easter break then that would be perfect.


      • Hi, if I get one to you next week would that be ok, or is it too late? Thanks.

        • Hi Lizzy, that would be perfect! Looking forward to reading it.


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