Natasa Lackovic

Things and the Mind: exploring student wellbeing in the material world

It’s been a strange year… Just a brief update on the ongoing project that is applying a participatory design approach towards developing a graphic narrative co-created by students-volunteers, students-survey participants, student Co-I (Monika Conti), student artist (Andi Setiawan) and project PI (Dr Natasa Lackovic, Educational Research). The project is a part of the largest student […]

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KS3 teachers resources for critical thinking and pedagogy on conflict & war: English, Citizenship, History

Art by Edmond Baudoin, Traces of the Great War @2018 On a Marché sur la Bulle. All rights reserved A teaching and learning resource for KS3 teachers primarily targeting English and literacy (a flipbook uploaded below), in addition to Citizenship and History was created by ReOPeN, in collaboration with LICAF, commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the […]

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Graphic sociology: stories of migration, national identity, class and lived experiences

By Can Yalcinkaya, part 2 of Can Yalcinkaya’s graphic social science blog post. I got involved in the Australian alternative comics/graphic novels scene and created comics for local anthologies, as well as limited run zines. While none of these earlier comics were created as “scholarly” works, they were nonetheless informed by my research interests. “Wounds […]

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Communities in Control: a 3D flippable graphic narrative on health inequalities and community action

Art by Joe Decie 2018 Introducing ReOPeN, CiC’s (Communites in Control project) and Joe Decie’s collaborative work: a graphic narrative “Communites in Control” about health inequalities in England. This graphic narrative booklet builds on communities’ stories, wonderfully drawn by Joe Decie, with scenarios and design solutions developed by Lancaster University’s academic team Emma Halliday (Health […]

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Graphic Social Science blog series: Can Yalcinkaya

Reading time: app. 3 minutes Introducing part 1 of a 2-part-blog-entry hosted by Can Yalcinkaya. We are delighted to host blogs on Graphic Social Science, and spread the good word about the work of all the wonderful creators that link graphic novels and social science, any social issue really! We invited Can Yalcinkaya, the convenor […]

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