Graphic sociology: stories of migration, national identity, class and lived experiences

By Can Yalcinkaya, part 2 of Can Yalcinkaya’s graphic social science blog post. I got involved in the Australian alternative comics/graphic novels scene and created comics for local anthologies, as well as limited run zines. While none of these earlier comics were created as “scholarly” works, they were nonetheless informed by my research interests. “Wounds […]

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Graphic Social Science blog series: Can Yalcinkaya

Reading time: app. 3 minutes Introducing part 1 of a 2-part-blog-entry hosted by Can Yalcinkaya. We are delighted to host blogs on Graphic Social Science, and spread the good word about the work of all the wonderful creators that link graphic novels and social science, any social issue really! We invited Can Yalcinkaya, the convenor […]

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Public lecture: Charlie Adlard and Andrew Tate

We are sharing Lancaster University public lecture “From Batman to the Walking Dead” held at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster in October 2017. Charlie Adlard, celebrated artist was in conversation with Dr Andrew Tate about his life in comics.

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Friday comics academic sessions: Erika’s departmental blog

by Erika Fülöp This post is an excerpt from Erika’s post originally published  on Lancaster University Languages and Culture’s blog web page: Graphic recording artist: Sarah Firth; image copyrights: ©Sarah Catherine Firth, graphic recording of the panel discussion, Sarah’s web page: ‘Comics are fun to read; therefore comics are for kids (and occasionally for […]

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Internet dating in comics? Researching H-C Interaction

By Miriam Sturdee/ A year or two ago somebody suggested that I might be able to help paint some plaques in a mediaeval style to assist with a project in digital empathy ( ), which led to some interesting conversations about design fiction ( ) and the useful nature of drawing in, and as, research. […]

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