Network members based at Lancaster University come from a wide range of disciplines and departments, connected to graphic novels and comics in various ways, such as teaching, research and outreach work as well as enthusiasm for the medium : Erika Fulop, Emily Spiers, Allyson Fiddler, Rebecca Braun, Catherine Spooner, Mike Ryder, Ines Gregory Labarta, Zoe Lambert, Olga Gomez-Cash, George Green (Languages and Culture; English and Creative Writing), Nick Dunn (Urban Design/LICA), Imogen Tyler (Sociology), Liz Brewster (Psychology), Leif Isasken (History/Spatial history), Miriam Sturdee (Computer Sciences), Pip Dickens (Painting/LICA), Bijan Aryana (Design/LICA), Julie-Anne Sime and Chryssa Themelis (Educational Research), Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Physics/Particle cosmology), Phelton Stephenson (Physics), James Butter (FASS), Hayley Alter (Imagination, LICA), Laura Wareing (Imagination, LICA) and more. 

The co-ordinating board of the network consists of co-directors Andrew Tate and Natasa Lackovic, biennial UK Comics Laureate, and Professor of Graphic Fiction and Comic Art, Benoît Peeters. 

Contact us if you are interested in becoming associate members and joining our mailing list, wherever you are placed: locally, nationally or internationally.