It is time to ReOPeN graphic novels and comics (GNC)!

The GNC ReOPeN is an independent, interdisciplinary and international research-pedagogy-engagement network/hub. It brings together scholars working in different disciplines across Lancaster University and beyond, at other universities and any individuals and groups with a shared interest in images, comics, graphic narratives, novels and illustration.

Its ambition is to serve as a connective tissue among academia, authors/artists working in those unique media and art organisations/industry/public services/charities to collaborate on research, writing and any other innitiatives, including teaching and learning at any educational level (higher education, schools) and in response to community needs.

One particular strand of exploration/field we are keen to develop is Applied Graphic Novels and Comics Studies (in general, among community and in Education and Higher Education studies). We are  interested in all things graphic. We hope to break new grounds in terms of GNC status and understanding, together with wider comics community. 

We believe that GNC can have many different lives. By including GNC in academic environment, we are joining a group of UK and international collegues who love this medium and see a great value in understanding, applying and exploring the medium. We think that there will and always should be a genre of alternative, underground and risk-taking GNC, whether we “unpack” it or apply it academically or not. 

The network’s web page and social media will showcase related art and writing as well as news and engagements involving the university and wider community. Future plans include seminars, public lectures and joint research projects. Get in touch to join our mailing list and become an Associate Member.

Lancaster University co-sponsors the UK Comics Laureate awarded at the Lakes International Comics Art Festival, a pioneering role to promote the value of comics in schools and libraries acros the UK and internationally.