June 25, 2020

Things and the Mind: student wellbeing, graphic medicine and sociomateriality

Been a strange year…

Just a brief update on the ongoing project that is applying a participatory design approach towards developing a graphic narrative co-created by students-volunteers, students-survey participants, student Co-I (Monika Conti), student artist (Andi Setiawan) and project PI (Dr Natasa Lackovic, Educational Research).

The project is a part of the largest student mental health network Smarten, funded by the UKRI/ESRC.

Providing there are no COVID-19 related obstacles, the project will feature and promote its outputs digitally far and wide in October 2020, helping to illuminate students’ wellbeing and their relationship to the materiality of the world that surrounds them (everyday things and environments), before and during the COVID-19 crisis.

Image by Yianni Tzan on Unsplash