Monthly Archives: October 2017

New graphic medicine project

A new international project will focus on developing a digital teaching manual applying a GNC/visual narrative, by a team of UK and Thai academics, focusing on youth health and sex education in response to identified needs of Thai teachers and Thai Ministry of Education goals for the future of education. The manual pilot will be produced […]

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New “Graphic Futures” project

A new exciting project related to GNC to start soon. Graphic futures is a project in collaborative authorship based at the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University. The project aim is to use techniques from graphic fiction in order to explore how social futures are created in the now. As well as getting creative […]

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Friday comics academic sessions: Erika’s departmental blog

by Erika Fülöp This post is an excerpt from Erika’s post originally published  on Lancaster University Languages and Culture’s blog web page: Graphic recording artist: Sarah Firth; image copyrights: ©Sarah Catherine Firth, graphic recording of the panel discussion, Sarah’s web page: ‘Comics are fun to read; therefore comics are for kids (and occasionally for […]

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