October 31, 2017

New graphic medicine project

A new international project will focus on developing a digital teaching manual applying a GNC/visual narrative, by a team of UK and Thai academics, focusing on youth health and sex education in response to identified needs of Thai teachers and Thai Ministry of Education goals for the future of education. The manual pilot will be produced in Thailand in December 2017, incorporating targeted perspectives from educational research theories and classroom lesson planning.

Thai team members: Dr On-Anong Thammajinda (Payap University), Mister Ubon Thongpanya Director of Suphan Buri Establishment Campus (Kasetsart University), and Dr Thitarree Sirisrisornchai (Mahidol University). The UK team memebrs are Dr Nashwa Ismail (University of Bath) and Dr Natasa Lackovic (Lancaster University).

This pilot project has been funded by The British Council in conjuction with The Newton Fund; it is a part of larger partnership and workshop project co-ordinated by Professor Kevin Burden, University of  Hull, and a team of associated experts from the UK and Thailand.  This larger project identified seven challenges as directed by Thai partners, health and sex education being one of them, focusing on digital and mobile learning mediation to contribute to alleviation of the challenges identified by Thai colleagues in Thai society. The pilot will lead to a larger international project, with the aim to be revisited and developed in 2018.

The image provided is an adapted, comic style image extract from a series of Thai sex education animated videos for teenagers, the videos published by ©️เซ็กส์ในวัยเรียน