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New Camões Lectureship at the University of Konstanz

From left to right: Dr. Fátima Silva (Camões Institute), Dr. Filipa Gonçalves (Konstanz), Professor Georg Kaiser (Konstanz), and Professor Cristina Flores (HL2C, Minho).

Thursday, May 5, 2022, marked World Portuguese Language Day and the creation of a new  Lectureship for the teaching of Portuguese at the University of Konstanz. The event included a lecture by Professor Cristina Flores, HL2C Vice Director, exploring the theme “Portugiesisch in der Diaspora: Erwerb und Erhalt einer Familiensprache” (Portuguese in the diaspora: Learning and Preservation of a spoken language in a family context). The new Portuguese Lectureship is co-funded by the Camões Institute and the University of Konstanz, and will be based at the Department of Linguistics (Fachbereich Linguistik/Sprachlehrinstitut).


Congratulations to HL2C Vice Director Cristina Flores: Habilitation (agregação)

Congratulations to HL2C Vice Director Professor Cristina Flores for successfully concluding her Portuguese Habilitation (agregação) examination earlier this week. The Habilitation is the highest university degree in European countries such as Germany and Portugal, requiring excellence in research, teaching, and academic leadership.

The public examination took place on February 21 and 22, with a panel consisting of Professor Isabel Ermida (Chair, Minho), Professor Anabela Gonçalves (Lisbon), Professor Georg Kaiser (Konstanz), Professor Jürgen Meisel (Hamburg), Professor Patrick Rebuschat (Lancaster University), and Professor Augusto Soares da Silva (Católica). The panel commended Cristina for her outstanding track-record in research, teaching and service and approved the candidate unanimously.


Standing, from left to right: Professor Anabela Gonçalves (Lisbon), Professor Cristina Flores (Minho), Professor Isabel Ermida (Minho), and Professor Augusto Soares da Silva (Católica). Participating via Zoom, on screen, from left to right: Professor Patrick Rebuschat (Lancaster University), Professor Jürgen Meisel (Hamburg), and Professor Georg Kaiser (Konstanz).