HL2C Seminars 2022-2023

Talks will take place on Microsoft Teams, with a few sessions running in hybrid mode. We will circulate the Teams link via the HL2C mailing list, so please remember to join our mailing list in advance. To subscribe to the mailing list, please email heritage-language@lancaster.ac.uk.

Date Time
Speaker Title
Oct 12 Wednesday, 12-1pm Monika Schmid (York) How resilient is L2 knowledge post-instruction?
Nov 3 Thursday, 5-6pm Maria Polinsky (Maryland) Heritage languages and endangered languages: point and counterpoint 
Nov 16 Wednesday, 12-1pm Brechje van Osch (Arctic University of Norway) Cross-linguistics influence in L2 Norwegian: comparing offline and online measures
Nov 24 Thursday, 5-6pm Ava Becker (University of Alberta) To be confirmed
Dec  7 Wednesday, 12-1pm Cindy Ge, Padraic Monaghan, and Patrick Rebuschat (Lancaster) Phonological development in cross-situational learning
Dec 15 Thursday, 5-6pm  Cristina Flores (Minho), Esther Rinke, and Jacopo Torregrossa (Frankfurt) To be confirmed
Jan 26 Thursday, 5-6pm Ana Madeira, Alexandra Fieis, Joana Teixeira (NOVA University Lisbon) To be confirmed
Feb 1 Wednesday, 12-1pm Yun-Wei Lee (Lancaster) To be confirmed
Feb 15 Wednesday, 12-1pm Gwen Brekelmans (QMUL) To be confirmed
Feb 23 Thursday, 5-6pm Gian Luigi de Rosa (Università Roma Tre) To be confirmed
Mar 1 Wednesday, 12-1pm To be confirmed To be confirmed
Mar 15 Wednesday, 12-1pm Sarah Si Chen (Hong Kong Polytechnic) To be confirmed
Mar 23 Thursday, 5-6pm Fatih Bayram (Arctic University Norway) To be confirmed
April 27 Thursday, 5-6pm Isabel Margarida Duarte, Paulo Santos, Fátima Outeirinho, Simone Auf der Maur, Fátima Silva, Ângela Carvalho, Sónia Rodrigues (Porto) To be confirmed
May 3 Wednesday, 12-1pm Raffaella Bottini (Lancaster) To be confirmed
May 17 Wednesday, 12-1pm Hilal Şahin (University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd) Pre-service EFL teachers’ professional identity development in a course on multilingualism
May 25 Thursday, 5-6pm Olesya Kisselev (U of Texas – San Antonio) To be confirmed
June 22 Thursday, 5-6pm Anabela Rato (Toronto) When our mouth carries two worlds”: The case of heritage speakers of European Portuguese in Canada