The HL2C seminars take place on Thursdays, 3pm to 4pm UK time (Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London share a time zone). We have selected this time slot as it seems to work well across the time zones in which the Consortium partner institutions are based.

Some of our sessions are jointly organized with Consortium partners (e.g., Lancaster’s SLLAT Research Group), and those sessions generally take place outside the traditional HL2C seminar time slot. Consortium members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend these events, too.

All talks will be held in English, unless otherwise advertised. Abstracts are usually available one week before each talk.

Talks will take place on MS Teams. We will circulate the Teams link via the HL2C mailing list, so please remember to join our mailing list in advance. To subscribe to the mailing list, please email

Date Time Speaker Title
Sep 30 Thurs, 3-4pm Luiz Amaral and Alexandre Alves dos Santos (both UMass Amherst), Flávia Cunha (Mt. Holyoke College), Thaís de Sá and Ricardo de Souza (both UFMG) Evaluating heritage speakers’ proficiency: Oral proficiency rubrics and a vocabulary test  for Portuguese as a heritage language
Oct 20 Wed, 12-1pm Gabriela Tavares (NOVA CLUNL), Andrea Deme (Eötvös Loránd University), and Susana Correia (NOVA CLUNL) Phonological categorization of L2 Portuguese by Hungarian native speakers (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
Oct 27 Wed, 12-1pm María del Pilar Garcia Mayo (UPV/EHU) Children using collaborative tasks in an EFL context. Some insights from research (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
Nov 17 Wed, 12-1pm Aida Cardoso (Lisbon) Acquisition of infinitival constructions in L2 Portuguese by Spanish native speakers: A Feature Reassembly approach (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
Dec  1 Wed, 12-1pm Elma Kerz (Aachen) New insights into the role of statistical learning abilities in second language learning (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
Jan 26 Wed, 12-1pm Joe Kakitani (Lancaster) Effects of distributed practice on L2 speech fluency development  (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
Jan 27 Thurs, 3-4pm Shanley Allen (Kaiserslautern) Information structure in the majority English of heritage speakers: Cross-linguistic influence and other patterns
Feb 9 Wed, 12-1pm Xiaobin Chen (Tübingen) Aisla—An intelligent agent for second language English learning in real-life contexts (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
Feb 24 Thurs, 3-4pm Montserrat Comesaña (Minho) The representational nature of grammatical gender: The relevance of language transparency
Mar 2 Wed, 12-1pm Magdalena Grose-Hodge (Birmingham) Are the heritage and dominant languages of early bilinguals less complex and less fluent than that of monolinguals? A comparison of linguistic abilities of pre-adolescent Polish Heritage Speakers and monolingual controls.
Mar 9 Wed, 12-1pm Nur Ehsan Mohd Said (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) Differentiating instruction for EFL learners: Identifying and measuring changes in language attitude and critical thinking (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
Mar 31 Thurs, 3-4pm Joana Moscoso (Native Scientist), Julia Schiefer (Tübingen) Exploring the effectiveness of an innovative science outreach programme for migrant students
Apr 28 Thurs, 3-4pm Maria de Lurdes Gonçalves (Camões Institute)
May 4 Wed, 12-1pm Christopher Hall (York St. John) Modelling plurilithic orientations to English with trainee teachers: A comparative international study (Joint talk with Lancaster’s SLLAT Group.)
May 18-20 Conference: Heritage Languages Across the World, Lisbon Please join us in Lisbon for this exciting event.
Jun 1 Wed, 12-1pm Yvonne Foley (Edinburgh) Diverse Critical Literacies: Pedagogies of Recognition
Jun 9 Thurs, 3-4pm João Veríssimo (Lisbon) L2 morphological processing reveals the internal differentiation of the language system
Jun 15 Wed, 12-1pm Míriam Buendía Castro (University of Granada, Spain) Design of a school science dictionary (English-Spanish) for bilingual primary schools in Spain
Jun 30 Thurs, 3-4pm Alexandra Fiéis, Joana Teixeira, and Ana Madeira (all NOVA CLUNL) Postponed till autumn 2022