2018 Summer School

LEAD Summer School in Second Language Acquisition

University of Tübingen, July 23-27, 2018

The University of Tübingen is pleased to host the Heritage Language Consortium’s second major event.

The LEAD Summer School in Second Language Acquisition will take place in Tübingen, July 23 to July 27, 2018. The Summer School  is a major international event that draws together leading researchers and students from a variety of disciplines (theoretical and applied linguistics, psychology, education, language testing) in order to discuss current trends and future directions in second language research.

To facilitate discussion, space at the summer school is limited to 40 registered participants. The event free is offered free of charge but prior registration is required.

The event will take place in the Alte Aula, a 16th century building located in town centre. The Alte Aula served as the University’s main administrative building until the construction of the Neue Aula in the 19th century.

For more information, please email the organizers, Patrick Rebuschat, Detmar Meurers, Simon Ruiz, and Katharina Wendebourg, or visit the website below.

Event website: www.leadsummerschool.de

Vaclav Brezina
Lancaster University
Tineke Brunfaut
Lancaster University
João Costa
Secretary of State for Education, Portugal
Robert DeKeyser
University of Maryland
Cristina Flores
University of Minho
Dana Gablasova
Lancaster University
Aline Godfroid
Michigan State University
Jan Hulstijn
University of Amsterdam
Judit Kormos
Lancaster University
Detmar Meurers
University of Tübingen
Marije Michel
Utrecht University
Akira Murakami
University of Birmingham
Benjamin Nagengast
University of Tübingen
Manfred Pienemann
University of Paderborn
Ana Lúcia Santos
University of Lisbon
Antonella Sorace
University of Edinburgh
Kaitlyn Tagarelli
Rosemarie Tracy
University of Mannheim
Ulrich Trautwein
University of Tübingen
Katharina Wendebourg
University of Tübingen
John Williams
University of Cambridge
 Nicole Ziegler
University of Hawaii