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Valete, Team Spineless

Spineless, Lancaster’s alternative source of student news and comment, is no more. This is for the happy reason that the (officially anonymous) members of the Spineless team have now successfully graduated from Lancaster, leaving behind a 16-month archive of articles that dissected University House, the University Council and the students’ union alike. Coverage of the student rent strike in January to February 2021 (see also subtext 196) was particularly detailed. subtext understands that the website, and its contents, will stay live for the time being at https://spineless.uk/. Farewell!


Readers feeling starved of information due to subtext’s relative infrequency these days (the more contributions and contributors we get, the more issues we’ll put out – don’t be shy!) can sate their hunger by visiting Spineless (https://spineless.uk/), an online publication in the tradition of Lancaster’s radical past, full of news, gossip and opinion, written by an anonymous (ish) collective of Lancaster students.
In the last three weeks they’ve published items on campus bullying (including a revealing interview with the acting VC), the strike, developments at Caton Court (see subtext 190) and the increasingly rancorous debate on LUSU democracy. subtext doesn’t necessarily endorse all they say, nor how they choose to say it, but what they do say is usually at least interesting and it’s always nice to have some fellow muckrakers about.
By the way: whatever has happened to SCAN? The copies currently available are still talking about ‘general election fever’.