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Last December we responded on our Facebook page to a testy complaint from the HR Director that we had falsely claimed (subtext 170) that the VC sat on the Remuneration Committee – the same body that sets his own salary. We apologised profusely but pointed out that we had gleaned this information from the University’s own website. So we are delighted to announce that the relevant University webpage has at last been amended – a mere six months after Council hastily changed the Remuneration Committee, prior to the publication of HEFCE’s damning report on the same arrangement at Bath University. Lancaster’s management may lack the speed of response of an Anderson Quigley but they get there in the end – with a little help from subtext.


[This erratum was originally posted on our Facebook page a few hours after the release of subtext 170. We have more subscribers than ‘likes’, so in the interest of demonstrating the extent of our contrition, here it is for our readers to enjoy.]

A senior manager has emailed in to point out that information on the operation of the Remuneration Committee, which determines the VC’s salary, is incorrect. Contrary to what we reported in subtext 170, our Remuneration Committee has until recently had a co-opted member – the HR Director from Sotherbys (sic). Furthermore, at University Council earlier this year it was agreed to revise the membership for the Remuneration Committee. Also contrary to what we reported in subtext 170, the Pro-Chancellor is no longer the Chair, and the VC does not attend in any capacity.

The subtext collective is happy to publish this correction. We checked our story, but it was lax of us to do so by using a source as out of date, poorly updated and unreliable as, er… the University website! (https://tinyurl.com/y9kcglvq).

We could’ve been a little more diligent and checked the minutes of the last few Council meetings to confirm our report, but the fact that no Council minutes have been made public since last May made that somewhat difficult.


As it turns out, the membership of our Remuneration Committee was changed by a decision of last September’s Council meeting. So it happened just weeks before the HEFCE report on Bath VC’s pay was made public. Phew, a lucky escape for us! It’s almost as if our Council had advance warning of what it contained. Highly unlikely, of course.

And some late news. At the time of publication of this subtext the University website has still not been updated to reflect the changed membership of the Remuneration Committee. Let’s see how long it takes them now…