Don’t tell anyone – they will never notice. If you go on the university website and click on ‘campus accessibility’ you are invited to visit DisabledGo for a disability access guide to Lancaster University. It has not been updated for over a year and not surprisingly there is no mention of any development work. All the pictures show unproblematic access to all areas. Obviously the university is not going to show the reality of the situation, all publicity material is by its very nature somewhat economical with the truth, but a simple statement advising people that there may be problems for folk with limited mobility would not go amiss. Anyone with mobility problems who consulted the university webpages before popping over for a visit would be in for a major surprise. subtext has already been told of some folk who did in fact do that very thing and were quite angry about having been given no clue whatsoever what awaited them on arrival. See our extended piece below on the horrors of navigating campus when you have restricted mobility.

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