We at subtext are proud to be the first to reject change at every opportunity. However, even we have to admit that a Facebook page was long overdue. One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that there is this perception of subtext being a ‘secret’ – available to a select few, not to be blabbed about within earshot, and inaccessible. This term we’ve had lots of letters, and the largest influx of subscribers in recent memory. Now that we have successfully rebranded as a cuddly, approachable, cracking bunch, we hope that this will encourage you not only to continue sending us letters and information, but also to join our team. Those of you who read right until the end will notice that we are now down to five editors – a fact that may or may not be reflected in the quality of the product this term. This stuff doesn’t write itself, so if anybody is keen to get on board and shadow us for a bit, then do get in touch. And like us here:

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