Our Aim

The Global Mobilities Network brings together the worldwide community of mobilities researchers, activists and their partners in industry, policy and communities to develop the analytical and methodological purchase of the mobilities paradigm, and its impact for research co-creation.

Across the world, small and large local, regional and institutional mobilities networks and centres have been key to developing mobilities research into the intellectual force that it now is. The Global Mobilities Network brings these mobilities networks together to provide a platform for exchange and collaboration amongst this growing global mobilities community. Read  More>>

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Our Community

We’re based at the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University, however, in partnership with Aalborg University, we are incredibly proud that our network has stretched to over 1,000 individuals across over 28 countries in over 40 mobilities-related centres. Browse through using the map below. Click on a pin to learn more about that location.  


Global Mobilities Network

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Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University: 54.054148, -2.997894
Volgograd State University: 48.719400, 44.501800
AusMob: 48.216038, 16.378984
Centre for Mobility and Urban Studies : 57.015500, 9.984230
Chia-Ling Lai: 22.991200, 120.185000
CLRC – Chicano/Latino Research Centre: 36.974100, -122.031000
Cosmobilities Network: 48.216038, 16.378984
Cultural Mobilities Research: 50.879600, 4.700930
Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations: -34.927400, 138.600000
mCenter Centre for Mobilities and Policy: 39.952300, -75.163800
Mobile Lives Forum: 48.854600, 2.347710
Mobile Media Lab – Montreal: 48.216038, 16.378984
Mobilities Network for Aotearoa New Zealand: 48.216038, 16.378984
Pan American Mobilities Network: -21.480300, -56.138100
Sustainable Mobilities, Nürtingen-Geislingen,: 48.626600, 9.336550
T²M: 48.853400, 2.348800
Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford: 51.752000, -1.257850
Laboratory of Urban Sociology,: 46.516000, 6.632820
Travel Wayfinding: 51.481700, -3.179190
University of Jyväskylä, Finland: 62.239300, 25.746000
Beijing Jiao Tong University: 39.907500, 116.397000
Brock University: 43.171300, -79.242700
Flinders University: -34.928700, 138.599000
RMIT University, Australia: -37.814000, 144.963000
Reproductive Mobilities Network: 49.883100, -119.486000
K2 The Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport: 55.709300, 13.185500
Centre for Research in Digital Education: 55.949600, -3.190240
Doctorate School ‘On the Move: People, Objects, Signs’ at the University of Salzburg, Austria: 47.799400, 13.044000
MENA Tourism NET: 34.221900, -86.899400
Future Making Space, Aarhus University: 56.192500, 10.176400
Centre for Transport Studies, UCL: 51.508500, -0.125740
African Centre for Cities (ACC): -33.929000, 18.417400
Space, Place and Mobility and Urban Studies, Roskilde University: 55.643300, 12.081900
Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development: 51.752000, -1.257850
The Marshrutka Project: 46.683100, 14.416600
: 55.949600, -3.190240
Academy of Mobility Humanities, Konkuk University, South Korea: 37.566700, 126.978000
Kopobayeva, Ayana: 49.816100, 73.102700


Joining Us 

We’re searching for as many new members as possible to help widen and strengthen our network’s connections. Please visit the joining page for more information. Joining will automatically subscribe you to our global mailing list, which you are free to unsubscribe from at any point by visiting the unsubscribe page. This world-wide list is maintained by Jessie Carbutt, CeMoRe Administrator, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK cemore@lancaster.ac.uk. Please message her for more information or if you would like to post to the list. 


Adding Your Group, Centre or Network

If you would like to add your group, centre or network to the Global Mobilities Network, then please message Jessie Carbutt with the following to cemore@lancaster.ac.uk:


  • The name of your group/ centre/ network
  • A summary of the mobilities research conducted there
  • A list of keywords
  • A URL link
  • A logo (if you have one)
  • Any other information you would like publishing/sharing on the GMN website (upcoming events, CfPs, job opportunities, news etc).


Mobilise Mobilities  


We’re offering GMN members the opportunity to promote and share all the most recent mobilities-related news with the community that we have begun to form in this space.

GMN is a space where members can take control, publishing, posting, advertising and sharing information using their own accounts. Please contact cemore@lancaster.ac.uk to add content.

We welcome information on:

  • upcoming events
  • calls for papers
  • new mobilities centres/ points of contact
  • journals
  • book series
  • funding
  • other mobilities-related news

Additionally, to help the network grow, please keep sharing the GMN with others who might be interested in joining.

Thank you as always.

The GMN team.

Lego image source: dirkb86, Flickr.

Contact us: cemore@lancaster.ac.uk

Base Address:
Mobilities Lab,
Centre for Mobilities Research
Lancaster University,United Kingdom