Our people are who make GMN possible. We are always welcoming new members who will continue to help bring together the worldwide community of mobilities researchers, activists and their partners in industry, policy and communities to develop the analytical and methodological purchase of the mobilities paradigm, and its impact, for research co-creation.

This page contains the contacts of all the current GMN members and is updated regularly. We hope this will be a space to find new connections and open up new collaborative possibilities. 

Akyelken, Nihan 
Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, UK
Keywords: transport investments; mobility inequalities; gender and mobility; mobility innovations
Biography: Associate Professor in Sustainable Urban Development

Alexander, Bronte
Griffith University, Australia
Keywords: mobility, disability, displacement, migration
Biography: I am a PhD candidate and my research interests include mobility, migration and displacement. My current focus is on exploring the intersections between mobility and disability for displaced persons in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Allis, Thiago
SP Mobilities, Sao Paulo University, Brazil

Anderton, Karen
University of Oxford, Transport Studies Unit
Keywords: transport, governance, low carbon, policy
Biography: My primary research focus is on investigating and understanding the organisational governance and policy implementation processes necessary to decarbonise the transport sector and understanding the societal change required to deliver low carbon transport at various scales.

Lina Aschenbrenner
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Lina Aschenbrenner is a religious studies scholar and dance teacher based in Munich, Germany. In 2015, she received her M. A. in Religious and Cultural Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians- Universität Munich and her dance teacher diploma. Since then, she has been involved in her PhD project “The World goes Gaga” (Universität Salzburg, with supervisors: Prof. Anne Koch and Prof. Susanne Plietzch) researching body transformation and embodied experience in the Israeli movement practise Gaga. Her research interests are religious aesthetics and the contemporary religious landscape. On the other hand, she works in the field of dance, with a focus on contemporary dance, mainly with children and youth.
Keywords: religion, dance, body transformation

Awad, Sarah
Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark  
Keywords: urban space, street art, collective memory
Biography: I am a Ph.D. fellow at the Centre for Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark. I received my M.Sc. in social and cultural psychology from London School of Economics and Political Science and my B.A. in mass communication from the American University in Cairo. 
My research explores the social life of urban images and how do they shape pedestrians’ experience of space. I am interested in visual methodology and the analysis of urban images and their influence on identity, collective memory and politics within a society. My most recent books are Street Art of Resistance with Brady Wagoner (Palgrave, 2017), and The Psychology of Imagination: History, Theory and New Research Horizons, with Brady Wagoner and Ignacio Brescó de Luna (Info Age, 2017).

Baldwin, Andrew
Durham University, UK
Keywords: Geography, climate change and migration, geophilosophy, critical race theory
Biography: I’m cultural/political geographer with an interest in thinking about race nature in relation to contemporary debates about migration, displacement, resettlement, humanism, and the Anthropocene. I trained at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. And I’ve held positions at Queen’s University and University Manchester. I’m currently a associate professor in the Department of Geography, Durham University.

Barry, Kaya
AusMob, Australia
Keywords: tourism, materiality, creative arts, aeromobilities, Anthropocene

Biography: Kaya Barry is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Griffith University, Australia. Kaya’s research merges creative arts practice and ethnography to investigate the intersections of mobilities, creativity, and materiality.
Website @kayathiea

Bates, Charlotte
Cardiff University, Wales 
body, walking, illness, city, design
Biography: My research explores the interconnections between the body, everyday life and place, with a particular focus on illness and disability. I am interested in the ways in which people live their lives, and make their lives liveable, in the face of social inequality and exclusion. I am interested in developing inventive and sensuous ways of doing sociology and my first edited collection, Video Methods: Social Science Research in Motion (Routledge, 2015), was published in the Routledge Advances in Research Methods series. It was followed by Walking Through Social Research (Routledge, 2017) co-edited with Alex Rhys-Taylor in the same series. I am the Reviews Editor for The Sociological Review.
Website @drcbates

Becklake, Sarah 
Lancaster University, and Cemore, Lancaster, UK
Keywords: global political economy, human (im)mobilities, human (in)securities, (in)securitisation, intersecting inequalities
Biography: Sarah Becklake works in the Violence and Society UNESCO Centre in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University. Her research interests include: global political economy, human (im)mobilities, human (in)securities, (in)securitisation, and intersecting inequalities. She has especially focused on tourism mobilities, development, and (in)security.

Bednarowska, Zofia
Centre for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies at the Jagiellonian University, Poland 

Centre for Mobilities Research and Lancaster University
Keywords: consumption space, consumption mobilities, consumption mobile systems, dead malls
Website @ZBednarowska

Bergamasco, Andrea de
mobilities, cities, architecture, cycling, walking

Biography: Independent researcher/activist

Best, Asha
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, USA
Keywords: migrant, place-making, critical race theory, post-colonial
Biography: Dr. Asha Best received her Ph.D. (2017) in American Studies from Rutgers University-Newark. She is an urbanist whose research and teaching is interdisciplinary. Her work links mobilities studies, post-colonial and black studies, critical race theory and studies of urban informality. She is particularly interested in popular, improvised and often unofficial urban practices deployed by black and migrant groups, and her research looks at how those practices impact how cities are understood, planned and mapped. She is developing a comparative research project around black and migrant place-making, informality and mobilities in the context of Johannesburg.


Bond, Emma
University of St. Andrews and Cemore, Lancaster, UK
Keywords: migration, colonialism, postcolonialism, diaspora, literature, material culture, museums
Biography: I am primarily interested in the transnational circulation of people, texts, and – increasingly – of objects and cultural artifacts. I have published widely on the histories and representation of contemporary migration, the legacies of colonialism, and diaspora literatures.
Website Twitter

Büscher, Monika
Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University, UK
Keywords: mobilities paradigm, mobile methods, IT ethics, design, ethnography
Biography: Monika is Professor of Sociology, Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research and Associate Director for the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University. She co-edits the book series Changing Mobilities.
Website @mbuscher

Butz, David
Brock University, Canada and Pan American Mobilities Network
Biography: David Butz is Professor of Geography at Brock University, Canada. He also a founding faculty affiliate of Brock’s Social Justice Research Institute and Social Justice and Equity Studies graduate program, and serves as editor-in-chief of Studies in Social Justice. He has been conducting ethnographic research in northern Pakistan since 1985 on topics relating to human transport labor, environmental governance, irrigation agriculture, mobilities, disaster recovery and development-related social change. Current research with Nancy Cook focuses on the differential mobility implications of a recently constructed jeep road linking Shimshal village to the Karakoram Highway, northern Pakistan’s arterial roadway. His work has been published in edited collections, The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Geography, The International Encyclopedia of Geography and such journals as ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, Geography Compass, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, The Professional Geographer, Mobilities, Social and Cultural Geography, Contemporary South Asia and Studies in Social Justice. His co-edited book with Nancy Cook – Mobilities, Mobility Justice & Social Justice – will be published by Routledge in Fall 2018.
Keywords: mobility justice; transport labour; road construction in Pakistan and Central Asia; mobility disaster; differential mobilities; road construction and social change

Cabalquinto, Earvin Charles
Monash University and AusMob
mediated mobilities, mobile media, politics of mobile communication, intimacy, digital spaces
Dr Earvin Charles Cabalquinto investigates the ways in which marginalised sectors in our society use mobile media in their everyday lives.
Website @earvsc

Camilleri, Rosalie
PhD student 
Practices, scenarios, climate change, sustainable mobility


Carrales, Juan Carlos Finck 
Roskilde University, Denmark and Mobilities, Space, Place and Urban Studies (MOSPUS), Roskilde University
Keywords: Urban Planning, Mobility, Local Transportation, Urban Segregation, Spatial Justice, De-colonial Studies, Transmodernity
Biography: Project Manager in Urban Development and Sustainable Local Transportation.
Projects and policies diagnostician, designer, implementer and evaluator through an interdisciplinary focus.
Financial planner for projects.
Surveys designer, implementer and statistical analyst.
Manager in Statistics and Analysis of Social Communication and Social Networks.

Christensen, Cecilie B.
C-MUS, Aalborg University, Denmark 

Keywords: architecture, urban design, mobilities, environmental psychology, dwelling, metro and railways, capacity
Biography: Cecilie holds a master in architecture and a minor in psychology, has been working in practice as an architect, and her research is motivated by studying the interrelation between people and designed physical surroundings in a mobilities perspective.

Cidell, Julie
University of Illinois and Pan American Mobilities Network

Keywords: infrastructure, cities, transport, running, aeromobilities 

Ciolfi, Luigina
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Keywords: CSCW, mobile work and life, mobile technologies, work/life tensions
Biography: Professor of Human Centred Computing with interests in human-computer interaction, collaborative computing, participatory design, digitally-mediated practices.
Website  @luiciolfi, Linkedin 

Cisani, Margherita
University of Padua, Italy
Keywords: landscape, non-motorized mobilities, walking, landscape education, tourism
Biography: My background is in human geography and in January 2017 I obtained a PhD in geography with a thesis dedicated to the exploration of the theoretical and empirical inter-relations between everyday landscapes and practices of mobility, namely walking groups in a peri-urban context, using mobile methods. Currently I am developing project on landscape, as an object and a tool in education, with a focus on its political dimension, as a tool for citizenship education and debate, as well as on the role of outdoor education and mobility in landscape perception, literacy and awareness. A third theme that characterizes my academic profile is the impact and the challenge of tourism and tourist practices on terraced landscapes. This diversity of topics and contexts of my research activity is though connected by a common thread, which is my interest in exploring the multiple and complex ways in which mobilities affect landscapes and vice versa, on a material, immaterial but also political and collective dimension.

Cohen, Tom
UCL, England
Keywords: transport
Biography: Interested in all aspects of personal transport and mobility but with particular interests in active travel, and mobility justice.

Cook, Nancy
Brock University, Canada
mobility justice; mobility disaster; gendered constitution of mobility; vehicular mobilities; mobility infrastructure in northern Pakistan; mobile methods and epistemic justice
Biography: Recent research (with David Butz) entails two studies in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan related to road infrastructure and associated mobiities. One focuses on the uneven mobility implications (especially in terms of gender and age) of a new link road that connects Shimshal village to the Karakoram Highway; the other investigates a range of demobilisations experienced in the Gojal region in the aftermath of a landslide disaster that destroyed a large section of its arterial roadway.

Cox, Peter
University of Chester, UK, T²M
Keywords: cycling, velomobility, futures, bike
 former bicycle repairer, intentional community member and peace movement activist. now professor of sociology, working on cycling mobilities

Cresser, Henry
University of Oxford, UK and Mobile Lives Forum
Keywords: Motility Mobility Automobility production of space
Biography: Competing visions on the future of mobility space in the city

Dagnino, Arianna
University of British Colombia, Canada
Keywords: Nomadism, neonomadism, caravanserais, trade routes (Silk Route), ancient and modern mobilities, pilgrims/pilgrimage, place-making, cultural identity/ies, travel literature
Biography: I hold a PhD in Sociology and Comparative Literature from the University of South Australia. I am currently a lecturer at the University of British Columbia and the recipient of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Ottawa (School of Translation and Interpretation), where I conduct research in the fields of Transcultural and Translation Studies. My main research interests focus on the effects of globalisation, mobility, and complex cultural flows on lifestyles, identities, creativity, and intercultural relations. I am interested in how processes of transculturation shape creative artefacts, cultural practices, and urban environments. Among my publications are
“Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility” (Purdue University Press, 2015) and “The Afrikaner” (Guernica Editions, 2019), a transnational novel set between South Africa, Namibia and the Island of Zanzibar.
Website 1
Website 2

Delgado, Lionel S.
Universitat de Barcelona
Biography: PhD Candidate in Urban Sociology of the Department of Sociology in the University of Barcelona (Spain), member of the research group on Creativity, Innovation and Urban Transformation (CRIT).
Keywords: Gender, Mobilities, Politics, Masculinities, Urban Harassment

Diaz, Vladimir
LMU Munich, Cemore, Lancaster, UK and
Biography: Lifestyle mobilities

Dienel, Hans-Liudger
University of Technology Berlin, Mobilities Research Cluster in the Department of Humanities, TU Berlin
Keywords: history and future of transport and mobility, democratic mobilities, sustainable mobility management
Professor for Work, Technology and Participation at Technische Universität Berlin (Berlin University of Technology), Director of its Center for Technology and Society (1996-2013), President of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility ( (2008-14), director of MBA program “Sustainable Mobility Management” at TU Berlin (since 2017), director of nexus Institute for Cooperation Management Berlin.

Dimitriou, Minas
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Minas Dimitrious (PhD) is Associate Professor at the Department of Sport and Exercise Science (University of Salzburg, Austria). He is coordinator of the M. Sc. Sport-Management-Media and Executive Director of the university course Sports Journalism. Dimitriou does research in sport communication (media and journalism) and in sport, culture and society (history and social change, gender, body, lifestyles, social inequality, tourism). Recent publication: Dimitriou M. (2018)., Sepp Bradl- Welt bester Sprungläufer”. Zur Theatralisierung des sportlichen Erfogles im Dienste der NS-Propaganda. In: M. Marschik et al. (eds). Images des Sports in österreich. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, 219-232.
Keywords: sport, culture, journalism, gender, body, lifestyles, social inequality

Dos Santos Moraes, Camila
PhD Candidate, Lancaster University, UK

SP Mobilities,

Egger, Daniela
LMU Munich, Germany
Biography: Daniela Egger studied History, English and Latin at Heidelberg University and is now a Researcher at the Chair for Modern History at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Since 2017, she has been a member of the joint. DFG-SNF-research project “Lives in Transit” in cooperation with the University of Zurich. In her PhD project, she is working on the perceived and felt experience of 19th century migrants travelling into the Australian colonies, thus adding to hitherto neglected aspects to the current understanding of ‘transit’. Her research interests include the history of the British Empire, global history, the history of emotions, and maritime history.
Keywords: history, Latin, English, migration, Australia, transit

Escalante, Dr. Maria Luján
International Lecturer in Design
Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, LICA
Imagination Lancaster / Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMore)
Lancaster University
Biography: Malé does cultural studies of technology through design research. Malé is currently teaching Design Innovation at Lancaster University’s WeiHai College in collaboration with Beijing Jiaotong University, where she spends 20 weeks a year. Her research has focused on Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) of socio-technological innovations. Specifically, she has concentrated on the intersections of physical and digital mobilities in both Medical, and Disaster Response Sectors. She experiments with design methods to catalyse cross-sector knowledge exchange. In her work, she uses playfulness and collaborative creative practices as a medium of communication and as a way to construct and share knowledge(s) on themes that are not observable, either because they are intangible – values, identity, culture – or because they are too complex – ethics of socio-technological assemblages. Malé proposes her practice as Ethics through Design.
Keywords: ethics through design, knowledge exchange, play, techno-feminism

Fallon, Julia
Cardiff Metropolitan University

Keywords: Tourism, management, leisure, transport, waterways
Biography: Julia has extensive commercial experience in the field of Tourism and Travel Management having previously worked for Thomas Cook Retail. Julia is an experienced academic having previously been the Award Director for postgraduate courses in the Cardiff School of Management, Head of the Tourism Leisure and Events department and having lectured on a variety of courses related to tourism and management.  Her research interests are oral history methodology and ​transport’s relationship with tourism in particular the role of the inland waterways.  She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Travel and Tourism.​​

Fradejas-García, Ignacio
Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Keywords: Humanitarianism, transnationalism, mobilities, personal networks, informal practices

Freire Medeiros, Bianca
SP Mobilities, Sao Paulo University, Brazil

Frenay, Adrien
Université Paris Nanterre
Biography: PhD Candidate, 19th-20th century French Literature. Thesis : historical poetics of the modern means of transport in the french novel. Research interests : space, place, mobility, means of transport. Recent publications : Frenay, Iacoli, Quaquarelli (dir.), Traverser. Mobilité spatiale, espace, déplacements, Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2019.
Keywords: space, place, mobility, technology, aiesthesis, anthropology, historical poetics, optical devices

Frenzel, Fabian 
University of Leicester and Cosmobilities
Keywords: tourism, protest camps, slums, urban poverty, mobile organization
Biography: I am Associate Professor in Organisation Studies at the University of Leicester, UK. My research interests concern the intersections of mobility, politics and organisation. I have published and edited books on protest camps as an organisational form of increasingly mobile activism. Links here , here and on slum tourism here.
My full list of publications is here

Frohlick, Susan
Repro Mobilities Network  and University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada
Keywords: tourism and migration mobilities, affective approaches to mobility, subjectivities, politics of mobility
Biography: Professor in Anthropology and Gender and Women’s Studies; author of Women, Sexuality, Tourism: Cross Border Desires through Contemporary Travel (Routledge 2013); working on monograph about reproductive desires and tourism imaginaries.

Fütterer, Michael
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Michael Fütterer is a PhD student at department of geography and geology at University of Salzburg. His PhD is about the relation of transnational advocacy networks and local union organizing in the garment industry in South India. He focuses on challenges for forming solidarity among worker and building local bargaining power and to what extent transnational networks can contribute to this effort. Fütterer studied political sciences, law and sociology in Frankfurt/Main. Before his PhD he worked in various trade union networks and did research on organizing in the German retail industry.
Keywords: transnational networks

Gallagher, Dr. Michael
University of Edinburgh and Centre for Research in Digital Education
International development, digital education, mobile learning, ICT4D

Biography: My research focuses on digital education in development contexts, largely a critical examination of the mobilities exhibited by groups and sectors in flux and how technology is used to both structure and manage these mobilities. Post-Brexit, with greater concentrations of international students and refugees, with the unbundling of labour and education, with a global edtech regime emerging in developing contexts largely unmooring local educational expertise and displacing higher education as a vehicle for social mobility, this research focus provides a framework to investigate these movements holistically and to begin to address the larger intractable challenges that may stunt educational progress in development contexts. I position international development itself largely as a system of mobility. I routinely employ mobilities frameworks and sociomateriality to identify “the distribution of agency between people, places, and material assemblages of connectivity” (Sheller, 2017) and the role digital education might serve in an increasingly unbundled intersectional environment. I have ongoing projects in Nigeria, Nepal, Finland, and South Korea.
Twitter, Website

Geering, Corinne
Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe, GWZO, Germany
Biography: Corinne Geering is a postdoctoral researcher at the Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO) in Leipzig. She has studied in Zurich, Bern and Prague. In 2018, she completed her PhD in Eastern European History in Giessen. She was scholarship holder at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) and was awarded a GCSC Career Development Grant for a project on modern migration and identity politics in rural European regions. Her research interests include material culture, identity and politics, rural migration and social mobility, post-socialist transformation and international cooperation during the Cold War.
Keywords: european history, migration, material culture, politics, social mobility

Gibson, Sarah
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Keywords: Cultural Politics of Mobility; Mobilities in the Global South; Mobility & Hospitality; Food & Mobility; Cultural Studies; Racialised Mobility; Tourism; Asylum & Refuge

Gomez Munoz, Pablo
University of Zaragoza (Spain)
Keywords: Science Fiction Cinema, Borders, Cosmopolitanism, Dystopias

Gopakumar, Govind
Southern Automobilities and Concordia University, T²M  
automobility, cities, infrastructure, India, public transport

Biography: Southern Automobilities is interested in investigating the growing phenomenon of personal vehicular travel in the Global South with a special focus on Indian cities. It is interested in the complex social, political and technological interventions that lead to the experience of automobility as a political phenomenon on southern roads.

Gyimóthy, Szilvia
Tourist Research Unit, Aalborg University, Denmark
Keywords: placemaking, place branding, positionality, collaborative/sharing economy, translocal mobilities
Biography: Szilvia is an Associate Professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark. Her research focuses on strategic placemaking and competitive differentiation of regions in the experience economy. She has studied the narrative repositioning of European destinations along culinary inventions, outdoor adventures and Bollywood productions. In the past years, she has been investigating the value-creation mechanisms of the collaborative (sharing) economy in both urban and coastal destinations, with key focus on the social dynamics of virtual communities and relationships arising from translocal mobilities.

Habti, Driss
University of Eastern Finland
Migration, mobilities and internationalisation (MiGroup), University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Keywords: global highly skilled migration and mobility, international migration and ethnic diversity, self-initiated expatriation, migration and cultural encounters, migration of health doctors.
Biography: I’m PhD in sociology, mainly sociology of migration and cultural diversity. My major research interests are global highly skilled migration, international migration and ethnic diversity, mobility of healthcare doctors, and self-initiated expatriation, migration and cultural encounters. I am currently postdoc researcher at Karelian Institute at university of Eastern Finland. My recent publications are an edited Springer book on highly skilled expatriation from migration perspectives, and an edited special issue on researching new mobilities paradigm in Finnish context (both 2018).

Hahn, Kornelia
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Kornelia Hahn is Professor for General Sociology and Sociology Theory at the Department of Sociology and Cultural Science at the University of Salzburg, Austria. She contributes to the department research cluster Cultures of Modernity from a social constructivist perspective. Her research interest refers to transformations within mediated sign cultures in modernity. Currently, projects and publications include theorizing phenomena and dynamics of the organization of digital media communication, intimate relationships, body therapies and clothing. Before accepting the position at University of Salzburg, she received academic degrees from the University of Bonn/Germany, taught at various universities in Germany and the US, and received awards for academic talks and academic publications from Leuphana University Lüneburg / Germany. She is co-founder of the interdisciplinary doctoral programme On the Mover: People, Objects, Signs.
Keywords: sign cultures, digital media communication, body therapy, clothing

Hakim-Fernández, Nadia
Independent Researcher, Madrid, Spain, Aarhus University, Denmark
mobile technologies, work future, mobile workers, knowledge work, creative work, precariousness
Biography: I researched migrations for many years, and I am now interested in the mobilities framework to understand the changes in the sphere of work. I am a sociologist and ethnographer.
@_NadiaHakim  Website

Hazbun, Waleed 
University of Alabama, USA
Biography: Author of “Beaches, Ruins, Resorts: The Politics of Tourism in the Arab World” (Minnesota, 2008). Two ongoing research projects involve, one that addresses the politics of insecurity in the Arab World, and a second that explores the global politics of airports and aviation in the Middle East.
Keywords: Middle East, Tourism, Aviation, Globalization
Website  and Twitter

Hernandez Bueno, Andrea
C-MUS, Aalborg University, Denmark
mobilities design, urban design, architecture

Biography: PhD student at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology and member of C-MUS (Centre for Mobilities and Urban Studies) in Aalborg University in Denmark. My current research is focused on urban design and mobilities studies in airport spaces and aeromobilities, particularly in relation with airport design and passenger experience, putting focus on ‘mobile situations’, practices and embodied engagements with the designed space. The project proposes an intersection between different disciplines and technologies as methods for building a holistic understanding of the ‘mobile situations’ in situ, incorporating as well real scale design interventions. I am interested into the relation between urban mobility and public spaces in different types of urban realms and the ways design and architecture are used as interphases and platforms to combine them. In my research I am working with different concepts under the umbrella of the new mobilities paradigm, Staging Mobilities and Mobilities Design.

Hirschhorn, Fabio
Delft University of Technology,

Biography: I am a Brazilian national and am currently a PhD candidate at Delft University. My research focuses on the organisation and governance of metropolitan public transport systems, as well as its performance outcomes. Prior to starting the PhD I worked at The World Bank and as a corporate lawyer.
Keywords: public transport governance, institutional analysis, transport policy, transport and land use integration

Hopkins, Debbie
University of Oxford, Transport Studies Unit, UK
Keywords: Freight; goods; work; workers
Biography: Research spans mobilities of people and ‘things’, recently focused on freight and automation.

Hughes, Sarah
Durham University and Cemore, Lancaster, UK
Keywords: Migration, Resistance, Creativity
Biography: My current research focuses upon on conceptualisations of resistance within the UK asylum system. In addition to this research, I have pursued my interest in questions around resistance, knowledge production and what constitutes ‘the political’ through collaborative work on other projects (e.g. exploring the politics of memory at the ten-year anniversary of the London bombings and an ongoing interdisciplinary project focusing upon Chelsea Manning and the politics of knowledge curation).

Hui, Allison
Sociology, Lancaster University and Cemore, UK
Keywords: mobility practices, methodologies, materiality, migration, leisure
Website @EverydayAllie

Hussain, Mohammad Sajjad
University of Delhi
Biography: I am working on food delivery boys in India
Keywords: Labor, Platform, Delivery boys

Ianchenko, Aleksandra 
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Cemore, Lancaster
Keywords: public transport, contemporary art
Biography: I am an artist and a young researcher from Russia. Since 2016 have been working with the public transport theme in my art practice. In my projects I explore how public transport affects our everyday life, what we do and how we act while using it. Realized projects are dedicated to the tram and bus lines in Irkutsk (Eastern Siberia), the urban circle railway in Moscow and the regional express in Berlin. Such art mediums as drawings and paintings as well as social engaged methods are used in my practice.

Jackman, Dr. Anna
Royal Holloway University of London, UK 
Drones, Warfare, Technology, Remote control, Mediation
I am a political geographer interested in the intersections between technology, warfare, and culture. Working through the lens of the military and non-military drone, my research explores a series of conceptual questions around: technologized military and militarized practice; technological mobilities, visibilities, and futures; and the cultures of, and relationship between, military institutions and defence industry practitioners.

Website @ahjackman

Jensen, Ole B.
C-MUS, Aalborg University, Denmark
Keywords: Mobilities Theory, Mobilities Design, Mobilities Methods
Biography: Ole B. Jensen is Professor of Urban Theory. He holds a BA in Political Science, an MA in Sociology, a PhD in Planning, and a Dr. Techn in Mobilities. He is deputy director, co-founder and board member at the Centre for Mobilities and Urban Studies (C-MUS), and Director of the research cluster in ‘Mobility and Tracking Technology’ (MoTT). Ole B. Jensen is board member at the Center for Strategisk Byforskning (CSB), PhD Program Coordnator at the Media, Architecture and Design Doctoral Program, and Editorial Board Member on the Journal Applied Mobilities.His main research interests are within Urban Mobilities, Mobilities Design, and Networked Technologies.

John, Leonie
University of Cologne, Germany
Keywords: Literature; Indigeneity; Social Mobility; Physical Mobility; Power
Biography: Leonie John completed her studies of English and Educational Sciences at the University of Cologne as well as of Physical Education at the German Sport University Cologne with top marks in June 2016. During her studies, she worked as student assistant at the chair for English Historical Linguistics (2011–2015) and also at the centre for PE teacher education (SportlehrerInnen-Ausbildungszentrum, 2014–2016). She spent a semester abroad at the University of Waikato, New Zealand in 2012. Since November 2016, she has been enrolled at the University of Cologne as a PhD student. She was initially promoted in her doctoral studies by a half-year scholarship (Stipendium zur Promotionsvorbereitung) and is currently a scholarship holder at the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities for a period of three years. Her research interests include Māori literature, postcolonial and indigenous theories, memory studies and mobility studies.

Johnson, Megan
York University, Toronto
Biography: Megan Johnson is a performance scholar, arts administrator, singer, and dramaturg based in Toronto, Canada. She is currently a PhD student in the Theatre & Performance Studies department at York University. Megan holds a Master’s degrees in theatre & performance studies from York University and in musicology from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Bachelor of Music degree from Acadia University. Her doctoral research centers on disability performance, mobilities, infrastructural politics, and inclusive dramaturgy. Megan is supported by the Elia Scholars Program at York University and a Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship (SSHRC).
Keywords: Performance, disability, mobility, cultural policy, infrastructure, dramaturgy, sustainability

Jones, Tim TD
Oxford Brookes University, UK and Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development
Keywords: Urban mobility; walking and cycling; health and wellbeing
Biography: My research interests focus around how urban environments can be (re)configured to support and promote sustainable and healthy urban mobility, particularly walking and cycling. By ‘healthy sustainable urban mobility’ I mean ways of moving around built environments that minimise environmental impact, improve health and wellbeing and provide equal access to opportunities. Ultimately these are spaces that are more both democratic and liveable. I am also interested in the concept of mobility more generally and in particular how certain types of mobility (particularly cycling) are given meaning within certain geographical, social and cultural contexts. I try to develop an understanding this phenomenon through novel mixed method approaches to try to reveal the physical, social and cultural factors that influence everyday travel decisions and how this affects journey practice and experience.

Jongepier, Iason 
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Keyword: Geographic Information Systems, Urban History
2018 – : Researcher B-magic
Long before social media, cinema and PowerPoint presentations, images were an important means of communication. The magic lantern, or ‘laterna magica’, was a fascinating and instructive tool, which was especially popular in the 19th century. The invention was used to project transparent images onto glass slides on the walls of theatres, schools and people’s homes. Travelling showmen with lanterns on their backs also put on public lantern shows at fairs.

The B-magic project will write the as yet unwritten history of the magic lantern as a mass medium in Belgium. In doing so, it will make an essential contribution to the study of the country’s cultural history as well as to international media historiography. Check our website!

2014 – : Researcher GIStorical Antwerp
GIStorical Antwerp is a project of the Centre for Urban History of the University of Antwerp in close cooperation with the Antwerp City Archives. The project, funded by the Hercules-Foundation and the University of Antwerp, started in September 2012. GIStorical Antwerp uses the potential of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to integrate all kind of historical data (maps, census data, iconography, address books etc. ) at the level of individual houses and households in the city of Antwerp. Check out our GIStorical Antwerp-website for latest updates, news and activities.

2009 – 2014: PhD research
Drowned but not deserted. Interactions between social and ecological processes of estuarine landscapes after flooding. Test-case: the Waasland polders on the west-bank of the river Scheldt (16th-19th centuries).

Kalarivayil, Rajesh 
Cemore, Lancaster and Tezpur University, Assam, India
Keywords: Middle east Asia, Innovation, migration, climate change
Biography: Rajesh Kalarivayil is currently working as assistant professor at the Department of Social Work, Tezpur University, Assam, India. He completed his Ph.D. from Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His research interests include science, technology and innovation studies, Migration and informal sector. His recent publications are:
Kalarivayil, R., and Desai, P.N. (2018). Emerging technologies and innovation policies in India: how disparities in cancer research might be furthering health inequities? Journal of Asian Public Policy.
Nair, S. and Kalarivayil, R.(2018). Has India’s Surrogacy Bill Failed Women Who have Become Surrogates? ANTYAJA : Indian Journal of Women and Social Change, 3(1), 1-11.
Nair, S. and Kalarivayil, R. (2017). Saved a Generation”: Campaigns against Hazardous Contraceptives in India, Asian Journal of Social Science,45:126-148.
Kalarivayil, R. and Nair, S. (2017) Unionisation in Post Reform India: A Review of Trends and Trajectories in George, S. and Sinha, S. (Eds.). Redefined Labour Spaces: Organising workers in Post Liberalised India. London : Routledge Publication.

Karabegovic, Dzeneta
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Dzeneta Karabegovis is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Salzburg, Austria. She holds a PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick. She was a US Fullbright Fellow at the Hugo Valentin Centre at Uppsla University in Sweden, holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago and completed her BA (Hons) at the University of Vermont in Political Science and German with a Holocaust Studies minor. Her wider research interests are rooted in transnationalism, diaspora, migration, democratization, human rights, transitional justice, and the Balkans. Her academic work has been published in multiple peer-reviewed academic journals and she has recently completed an edited volume on Bosnian Foreign Policy.
Keywords: migration, diaspora, trans nationalism, human rights, the Balkans

Karchagin, Evgenii 
Volgograd State Technical University, Russia and T²M
Keywords: justice, urban justice, mobility justice, post-soviet transport, marshrutkas
Biography: Karchagin Evgenii (Evgeniy) is Professor at the Department of philosophy, sociology and psychology, Volgograd State Technical University (Russia). His primary research field is justice studies. In recent years, he has focused on urban justice and mobility justice problems.

Kellerman, Aharon
Professor Emeritus of Geography University of Haifa, Israel and Cosmobilities

Keywords: Personal mobilities; geography of the Internet

Kent, Jennifer
The University of Sydney and AusMob, Australia
Keywords: automobility, health, car sharing, transport policy, parenting practices, companion animals.
Biography: My research has its focus on the links between transport, health and the practice of urban planning. I explore, record and theorise shifts away from and towards the private car in low density cities.
Twitter Website

Kester, Johannes
Electric mobility; critical security studies; transitions


Klinger, Thomas
Cosmobilities, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany 
mobility cultures, transport governance, travel behaviour, traffic signals, mobility biographies

Biography: I am a postdoc researcher at the Department for Human Geography at Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main (Germany) and currently (09/2017-02/2018) an academic visitor at the Transport Studies Unit at Oxford University. My research interests include: 1. Residential Mobility and Everyday Travel Behaviour: Examining the interdependencies of residential and everyday mobility considering factors such as built environment and socioeconomics as well as lifestyles, biographies and residential self-selection 2. Urban Mobility Cultures: Thinking about holistic ways to conceptualize urban mobility systems including material and symbolic as well as policy and behavioural elements. A particular interest is to find adequate and sensitive ways to compare urban mobility systems in accordance with their interrelatedness to each other and their socio-cultural embeddedness. 3. Technology-based Transport Governance: Analysing the ways, in which transport policy translates into technological arrangements such as traffic signalization in urban areas. In doing so, I am interested in the ways specific technologies are related to the persistence or transformation of urban mobility systems

Knoll, Martin
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Martin Knoll is Professor for the History of European Regions at the University of Salzburg. His research faces tourism history, environmental history, urban history, and cultural history of the early modern period. He is author of a monograph on the perception of nature an society in early modern topographical literature (Die Natur der menschlichen Welt, Biefeld, 2013) and co-editor of a volume on city-river-relations (Rivers Lost- Rivers Regained, Unviersity of Pittsburg Press, 2017). Most recently, he co-authored a paper “Critical Hubs of the Great Acceleration: The Social Ecology of the Alpine Tourism in Vorarlberg, Austria After World War II” with Robert Groß. Martin Knoll is Regional Representative for German speaking countries in the European Society for Environmental History (EHCA). He is the cofounder of the interdisciplinary doctoral programme On the Move: People, Objects, Signs.
Keywords: tourism, urban history, cultural history, environmental history

Komljenovic, Janja
Lancaster University, Cemore, UK
Keywords: Higher education markets, digital economy, digital platforms, datafication
Biography: Lecturer in Higher Education with interest in the global higher education industry, markets and the digital economy.

Kopobayeva, Ayana
Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Graduate of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Keywords: post-Soviet mobility practices, coping strategies and private mobility, sustainable urban transportation, Kazakhstan
Biography: Ayana is a graduate Master student in Global studies (Social science, qualitatively oriented). She conducted a mobilities research in frame of her Master thesis named “Changing mobility practices in post-Soviet Central Asia: A case-study on the role of taxi services in the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan.”
Mobilities have high potential for research in Kazakhstan and more broadly Central Asia. Pressing problems of inequality in access to comfortable daily transportation, air pollution, increasing congestion are present in abundance for theoretical and empirical exploration in this part of the world. Ayana’s inquiry of the private taxi mobility was among first steps to disentangle interdependencies of political, economic and social processes with daily mobility practices in post-Soviet Kazakhstan.
More research in this geographical area is required to align mobility practices with the SDGs in the future.

Kothari, Uma
University of Manchester, Cemore, Lancaster, UK
Keywords: colonial exiles, refugees, postcolonial travel and tourism

Krossa, Sophie
Katholische Hochschule Mainz, Germany
Sophie Krossa is Professor of Social Sciences at the Catholic University Mainz/ Germany. Previously, she has been Lecturer in European Studies at Lancaster University. Being a trained sociologist, her research interest focuses on sociological theory, sociology of conflict and globalisation theory. The last two theoretically orientated books were Theorizing Society in a Global Context (2013) and the textbook Gesellschaft (2018). Currently, she works on a compilation of empirical studies on practices of constituting others and selves via definitions of dirt and cleanliness. Applying a range of qualitative methods, she looks at relations of volunteers and refugees mainly. The book is titled Analysing Society in a Global Context (Palgrave 2019).
Keywords: sociological theory, refugees, immigration

Kusters, Annelies
Heriot-Watt University
Keywords: public transport, language ideologies, sign languages, transnationalism, multilingualism
Biography: Annelies Kusters’ work is situated at the intersection of linguistic anthropology and social geography. Currently residing in Scotland, she grew up in Belgium, where she obtained her first degrees, and since 2006 she has studied, worked and lived in England, Ghana, India and Germany. Annelies is a deaf woman fluent in multiple sign languages and her field sites have included a school, boarding house and club of deaf people in Paramaribo city (Surinam); compartments for people with disabilities in the Mumbai trains; corner shops and markets all over Mumbai; and Adamorobe, a Ghanaian village where hereditary deafness occurs. Her current major project focuses on international deaf mobilities; and she is doing smaller projects on sign bilingualism in Adamorobe; family language policy in signing families; and sign language use in a sitcom. She makes use of visual methods in her work, including the creation of ethnographic films.

Lai, Chia-ling
CeMoRe,  The National Taiwan Normal University
travel, tourism, Taiwan, Taipei 
sociologist on materialities and mobilities, museum and exhibition culture, gender and experiment art. Art addict, world traveller, futurist.

Lange, Ida Sofie Gøtzsche 
Aalborg University, Denmark and C-MUS, Aalborg
Keywords: urban design, planning, place, mobilities design
Biography: I hold a BA in Architecture and Urban Design, a MA in Urban Design and a PhD in Urban Design and Planning. I am a board member at the Center for Mobilities and Urban Studies (C-MUS). My main research interests are within Urban Design, Urban Mobilities, Planning, Place Theory and Mobilities Design.

Lanng, Ditte Bendix
Centre for Mobilities & Urban Studies (C-MUS), Aalborg University, Denmark
mobilities design, urban design, architectural agency, public space
Biography: I am an assistant professor in urban design and mobilities at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark. My research is aiming at co-shaping equal, open-minded public environments through urban design and mobilities design – a combination of fields that I research through cross-disciplinary theory, design experiments as modes of sociocultural enquiry, ethnography, and as a collective enterprise with planning and architectural practice. I have a commitment to merge relational approaches with urban design, and develop urban design’s and mobilities design’s theoretical and methodological stream of materialities as networked and active hybrids. Together with Ole B. Jensen, I am the author of Urban Mobilities Design. Urban Designs for Mobile Situations, 2017, Routledge.

Larsen, Gunvor Riber
C-MUS Centre for Mobilities and Urban Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark
Keyword: Long distance travel, rural mobilities, aeromobilities, tourism mobilities, mobilities methods and theories of science
Biography: Assistant Professor in at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology. Current research is primarily focused on aeromobilities and airport studies, including mapping of global aviation trends and exploring the role of hub airports for global business mobilities. Other research interests include the challenges of being mobile in rural areas with little or no public transport service provision, and the role of distance in international tourist travel. Exploring and developing methodologies for mobilities research is also an interest, as is the philosophical and theories-of-science foundations for studying mobilities.

Laursen, Lea Holst
C-MUS, Aalborg University, Denmark 
place and mobilities, relational place theory, regional development,

Biography: Lea Louise Holst Laursen, PhD, Associate Professor and head of the Architecture and Urban Design section at the Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, Aalborg University as well as board member of the Center for Mobility and Urban Studies.
Lea has attained a PhD within the field of differentiated development and spatial transformation from Aalborg University. Her overall research focus is urban and landscape development outside the national growth centres where the focus is on regional development, urban and landscape planning and site-specific development potentials as well as the relation between place and mobility. Further, Lea has conducted research on tourism as a driver for local and regional development, including work on the future holiday home and future camp-site as well as conducted research on international air travellers.

Levak, Natasha Kathleen
Scientific Institute Zagreb, Croatia
Biography: Natasha was born in Australia where she completed a Bachelor in Education, Masters in Education Management, Masters in Applied Linguistics and a doctorate in fields of Education/ Social Sciences focusing on socio-linguistics, computer-mediated communication and pedagogy investigating collaborative virtual transnational spaces for developing Croatian culture, identity and language. She worked in virtual teams research projects in the Faculty of Business and Law, USQ prior to moving to Croatia. Natasha works at the Research Institute of Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb focusing on interdisciplinary research on topics relating to Croatia, the Croatian diaspora, return-migration and in particular: identity, culture and entrepreneurial behaviours.
Keywords: socio-linguistics, computer-mediated communication, virtual transnational spaces, Croatia

Lykov, Egor 
ETH Zurish, Switzerland
Biography: Egoy Lykov is a doctoral student at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta), Department of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland. He was a research fellow of the Vienna Doctoral Academy “Theory and Methodology in the Humanities”, Department of History, University of Vienna, Austria, and received his master’s degree in East European Studies and Austrian Studies from the University of Vienna in 2017 and 2018. His master’s thesis dealt with forced migrations of the Ruthenians in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy during WWI. His research interests are Austrian and East European history, military history, history of WWI, imperial and comparative history.
Keywords: WW1, history, migration, Austro-Hungarian monarchy

Maher, Katie
AusMob, Flinders University of South Australia
Katie Maher teaches Aboriginal Studies at Flinders University of South Australia and is completing a PhD on the colonial history and present of the Australian railways at the University of South Australia.
Keywords: Aboriginal Studies, railways, train

Manderscheid, Katharina 
Universität Hamburg and Cosmobilities, Germany
Keywords: social inequality and mobilities; social science research methods; automobility; practice theory; autonomous cars;
Biography: Since 2018 I am teaching and researching at Hamburg University, Department of Socioeconomics. My research concentrates on the interplay of spatial mobilities, power and inequality, materialities and the built environment. I am interested especially in the transformation of the current system of automobility and its (un)sustainability. Other strands of my work include reflections on Bourdieu’s relationality and space, his habitus analysis, as well as social structuration of urban neighbourhoods. I am applying various quantitative and qualitative research methods. Further stations of my academic trajectory include the University of Lucerne/Switzerland, Innsbruck University/Austria, Lancaster University/UK, Basel University/Switzerland and the University of Freiburg/Germany.

Margreiter, Hester
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Hester Margreiter studied history and Economics at the University of Innsbruck. During that time, she undertook study visits in Vienna, Caracas, and New Orleans, as well as participating in scientific field to Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Cuba. After graduating at the University of Innsbruck, she spent an academic year as a research fellow at the Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies at the University New Orleans. She is now a scientific research assistant at the Department of History at the University of Salzburg. Her dissertation project “Tourism and Urban Dynamics: Structural Effects of Emerging Tourism in New Orleans (Louisiana) and Innsbruck (Tyrol)” aims to discuss the socio-economic impact of early tourism.
Keywords: tourism, urban, New Orleans

Marino, Filipe
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ and Universidade do Grande Rio – UNIGRANRIO
Urban mobility, Democratic Mobility, Mobility Justice, Active Mobility, Mobility Network
Filipe Ungaro Marino is a brazilian architect and urban designer. He is a PhD candidate in urbanism at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – PROURB-UFRJ and assistant professor of architectural project and urban design at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ and at Universidade do Grande Rio – UNIGRANRIO. He has a master’s degree in urban planning at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – IPPUR-UFRJ and was a visiting researcher at the University of Montreal- UdM in 2012, at the Future Leaders of America Program. Filipe has extensive experience in architecture, urban planning, urban design and management, and has worked in large urban and industrial projects. He is specialized in urban mobility and urban Infrastructure, interested in the following subjects: urban mobility, active mobility, urban infrastructure network, urban policies, architectural project and architecture symbolism.


Maru, Natasha
Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
Keywords: Mobility, nomadism, pastoralism, affect, uncertainty, India
Biography: I am a PhD candidate proposing to study mobility among pastoralist communities in India. I am interested in exploring the long-standing, but evolving, mobility of pastoral nomads, as a curated experience, an embodied web of relationships, as opposed to a livelihood strategy or a means to an end.
I have an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford. I am now at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, affiliated with the Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Resilience (PASTRES) project.

Mathieu, John 
University of Lucerne, Switzerland
Biography: John Mathieu is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. He was the founding director of the Institute of Alpine History at the University of Ticino and has published widely about mountain regions in the modern period and some related issues. He is the author of The Third Dimensions. A Comparative History of Mountains in the Modern Era, published with Cambridge (2011) (German edition Basel 2011); Die Alpen. Raum – Kultur- Geschichte, Stuttgart (2015) (English Edition Oxford 2019); and Majestätische Berge. Die Monarchie auf dem Weg in die Alpen 1760-1910, Baden (2018) (together with Eva Bachmann and Ursula Butz).
Keywords: alpine history, mountain regions

Matos, Patricia
PhD student, SP Mobilities (Sao Paulo Mobilities), Brazil

Keywords: global mobilities, virtual mobilities, media

McCracken, Clare
RMIT University and AusMob

Biography: Clare McCracken is a Melbourne-based, socially engaged artist and PhD candidate at RMIT University, researching methodologies of participatory art in the age of hyper mobility. She is the recipient of the prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s PhD Scholarship. Clare’s practice includes large-scale immersive installations, fine art objects and contemporary performance works. She often works site-specifically, across disciplines and collaboratively with other artists and community to create works that interrogate contemporary social, political and environmental issues from an Australian perspective. Her practice is characterised by strong and often textural visuals, performance, participation, story telling, humour and fiction.

Metzler, Marlene
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Marlene Metzler is a PhD student at the Department of Sport Science and Kinesiology (University of Salzburg, Austria). She received her Bachelor of Science in Sports Science and Kinesiology and her Masters in Sport-Management-Media at the University of Salzburg with the thesis-title ‘Seasonal Free Development of Trend Sport in the Tourism Region of Salzburg using the example of Mountain Biking’. Her current research focuses on trend sport and its development in the tourism region of Salzburg with respect to guest experience, sustainability and eco-friendly business networking within a destination. Her interest in tourism and sports has been reinforced through family.
Keywords: sport science, media, tourism, mountain biking, eco-friendly

Moffat, Luke
Lancaster University, Cemore 
Keywords: Speculative philosophy, FSTS, fictions
Philosopher and fiction other interested in the resonances and discordances between German Idealism, FSTS and New Materialism. Founder of SpecHub – interdisciplinary speculative research practices.

Mohammadzadeh, Mohsen
University of Auckland
: Disruptive mobility, travel behavior, political economy of transportation, transport planning

Montero, Sergio,
Imagining Urban Futures, Colombia
Urban policy mobilities, inter-city policy learning, urban best practices, Bogotá, sustainable transport

Website @iufcollective

Moraglio, Massimo
T.U. Berlin, Germany and T²M
Keywords: history, transition, transport, futures, interdisciplinary
Biography: I am a senior researcher at the Technische Universität Berlin, working on technology and its wide effects on economic, social and cultural fields.

Website @MassimoMoraglio

Moreno-Tejada, Jaime
history, geography, critical geography
Biography: I study geographical frontiers and contact zones from ca. 1850 to the present day. Latin America & Asia. Transnational modernity. Critical theory, nature/culture, everyday resistance.

Moriarty Harrelson, Erin
Heriot-Watt University and MobileDeaf
Keywords: Translanguaging, Tourism, Mobilities
Biography: Bali is a site of intense tourism, particularly in recent years. Several tourism businesses were established catering specifically to deaf people. Moriarty Harrelson’s research examines encounters between deaf tourists and their deaf guides and expand the theoretical framework of the deaf global circuit, a purposeful quest for deaf people and spaces by deaf tourists; including the packaging of deaf cultural forms, spaces and practices, such as national and local sign languages, as products for tourist consumption. Dr. Erin Moriarty Harrelson investigates (a) how deaf tourists and deaf hosts/guides connect with each other and experience encounters and differences such as in educational, ethnic and gender status, (b) how they negotiate sameness and differences, as well as inequalities, for instance with regard to financial capital and the ability to travel internationally. Using the lens of translanguaging, Moriarty Harrelson’s research focuses on (a) how International Sign, American Sign Language, written English and/or other signed and spoken languages are strategically used by deaf hosts and tour guides; (b) how deaf tourists and their guides communicate with people in contexts such as transport or restaurants, and (c) how these instances of communication and modality choices are experienced.
Website Twitter

Morris, Carwyn
PhD Candidate at London School of Economics, UK

Keywords: stillness, migration, digital, spatial, translocal
Website @carwyn

Muñoz, Pablo Gómez
University of Zaragoza, Spain
transnational cinema, borders, cosmopolitanism, science fiction, film analysis
Pablo’s page 

Website @pablogm_sf

Murray, Lesley
University of Brighton and Cosmobilities, UK

Keywords: Gendered Mobilities, Generational mobilities, Mobile methods, Visual methods, Streets
 Lesley Murray is an Associate Professor in Social Science at the University of Brighton, , where her research centres around urban mobilities. Lesley has published widely in the field of mobilities, including on the intersections between mobile and visual methods, and on gendered and generational mobilities. She has co-edited three collections, Mobile methodologies (Palgrave Macmillan 2010); Researching and representing mobilities (Palgrave Macmillan 2014) and Intergenerational Mobilities (Routledge 2016).

Website @lesleypmurray

Myshko, Alena
England, Italy, Russia, Sweden
Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI)
Biography: PhD candidate in Urban Studies and Regional Science, GSSI (L’Aquila, Italy) and Visiting PhD researcher at Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), Newcastle University (Newcastle, UK)
Keywords: urban studies, regional development

Nicholson, Judith A.
Mobilities Pedagogies and Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada 
mobility justice, mobilities & racial politics, pedagogies, experiential learning, mobile methods

Biography: The focus of the Mobilities Pedagogies network is interdisciplinary pedagogies for mobilities studies.

Nogueira, Maria Alice de Faria
SP Mobilities (Sao Paulo Mobilities), Brazil
communication, new mobilities paradigm, mega-events, movement of objects, motility
Ph.D degree in History, Politics and Culture (Cpdoc/FGV, Brazil)
Website @profmariaalice 

Novoa, Andre
Mobile Lives Forum and University of Lisbon, Portugal
Keywords: Mobility, Ethnography, Geography
Biography: André Nóvoa (PhD Royal Holloway, 2014) is a geographer previously trained as a historian and anthropologist. He has been conducting research within the mobility studies field. He was a researcher at Northeastern University, Boston, developing work on public mobility policies and assistant editor of HAU Magazine: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, based at SOAS, London. His work is published in journals such as Mobilities and Environment & Planning. Currently, he is a ERC Researcher of the Colour of Labour project, where he is directly involved with the study of mobilities, addressing the movements of whalers, the journeys of indentured migrants and the conditions of sea life.

Nyachieo, Gladys
T²M and Kenyatta University, Kenya
Keywords: Public Transport, Boda Boda Motorcycles, Transport Safety, Kenya, socio-cultural Determinants, Kisumu, road safety.
Biography: Gladys Nyachieo (Ph.D) is a lecturer of sociology at Kenyatta University; she received her Doctorate in Sociology (Transport Sociology as area of interest) from Kenyatta University in 2015. Her Ph.D thesis was on, Socio- Cultural and Economic Determinants of Boda Boda Motorcycle Transport Safety in Kisumu City, Kenya. She also holds a Masters in sociology from University of Nairobi and Bachelors (sociology) from Egerton University. She has published a book titled Road safety in Kenya: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Drivers of Passenger Service Vehicles and a book chapter on Water with Palgrave Macmillan Publishers (US) and a Journal paper titled Creating Employment through Transport. She has presented a number of papers in both national and international conferences. Some of the papers include; a paper on Gendered Perspectives in Public Transport Sector in Kenya presented during the international conference on transport and road research (2016), she presented a paper on “Linking Knowledge and Practice; and also presented a paper on “Exploring ‘Public’ Road Passenger Transport In Kenya: A Futuristic Utopia Or Dystopia?” at the Mobile Utopia Conference at Lancaster University, November 2-5, 2017. United Kingdom. Dr Nyachieo is focused on road traffic safety and social-cultural and economic factors that influence mobility in society.

Omarien, Motaz
Nuertingen-Geislingen University, Germany
Biography: Student at Sustainable Mobilities
Keywords: Media, communication, Sustainable Mobilities

O’Regan, Michael
Bournemouth University and Mobile Lives Forum
Keywords: tourist mobilities, urban mobilities, historic mobilities, future mobilities, slow mobilities, cultural mobilities, backpacking, event mobilities, marginal mobilities.
Biography: Michael O’Regan has a PhD from the School of Sport and Service Management, at the University of Brighton, United Kingdom (2010). His research interests are slow, alternative, historic, future, event and cultural mobilities, He spend four years working in China before joining Bournemouth University.
Twitter Website

Pais Fornari, Natalia
University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Keywords: Mobilities; Queer Studies; Tourism; Walking; Feminist Studies
Biography: Interested in Queer and Gender Studies, with a background in Tourism, I’m focused in Qualitative Methods of research such as audiovisual elements, autobiographies, narratives and discourses. I am currently engaged in a research entitled ‘Walking across Borders’, exploring within the Mobilities framework how the de/construction of one’s identity works when crossing borders, by dealing with ideas in movement and one’s perception of space, des/orientation, expectations and memories.

Paulsson, Alexander
Lund University and The Swedish Knowledge Center for Public Transport, Sweden
Biography: Researching policy and organization of “smart” mobilities and public transport
Keywords: Mobility, policy, organization, technology, sustainability

Pavlova, Irina
International Mobility Norway

Keywords: youth mobility, international mobility, learning mobilities, patterns of mobility
Biography: Lecturer and researcher at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). The research group is concerned with the study of international mobility, in particular studies of geographical mobility of young persons in the context of education, employment, voluntary work and tourism. Researchers use an interdisciplinary approach to understand youth mobility.
Website @IM_Norge and @IrinaPavlova88

Pecker, Carolina
Instituto de Ciencias Antropológicas (ICA) – Universidad de Buenos Aires
Keywords: anthropology, (in)mobilities, displacement 

Pelgrims, Claire
Mobile Lives Forum, Urban Sociology laboratory, Lausanne (visiting scholar)
Keywords: imaginaries, mobility infrastructure, fast, slow, Brussels
Biography: PhD student, Aspirante F.R.S. FNRS, Université libre de Bruxelles, Laboratory on Urbanism, Infrastructure and Ecologies (LoUIsE)

Pereira, Rafael H. M.
Oxford University, Transport Studies Unit, UK
Keywords: Accessibility; transportation equity; distributive justice; ethics; equality of opportunity; Rio de Janeiro; Brazil; legacy; Mega-events; Olympic games; transport policy; public transportation; Urban Form
Biography: Rafael is a PhD candidate at the Transport Studies Unit (TSU) at Oxford University and a researcher at the Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea). Rafael is broadly interested in social and spatial inequalities related to transport accessibility, active travel and human mobility patterns. Rafael’s doctoral research concentrates on questions of distributive justice and transportation equity. It focuses on the role of transport policies/investments on the shaping of social and spatial inequalities in access to opportunities. The methodology developed in the thesis contributes to accessibility measurement in multimodal transport networks using GTFS data to assess the accessibility impacts of transportation policies in both ex-post evaluations of implemented projects but also in ex-ante scenario analysis of projects in their early planning stages. The research is grounded on contemporary philosophical theories of justice and it further develops on case studies that discuss the equity implications of the transport legacies from sports mega-events in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), investigating who benefited from the new transport developments in the city. Rafael holds a MSc in Demography from University of Campinas (Unicamp) and a BSc in Sociology from University of Brasilia (UnB), both in Brazil.

Tel: +5561999070512

Petzer, Brett
T²M, Netherlands 
Keywords: transport justice, public goods, sharing economy, cycling-as-a-service
I am a PhD candidate researching bikeshare and the integration of bikes into mobility services in the contemporary urban Netherlands


Piglia, Melina
Universidad de Mar del Plata/ National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), T²M
Keywords: aeromobility, automcobility, history, tourism, experience
Biography: I have a degree and a Doctorate in History at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I am currently a Professor at Universidad de Mar del Plata. Since 2011 I am as well a Researcher at Historical Studies Centre, within the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (National Scientific and Technical Research Council and Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata). My research has focused on topics connected with tourism and roads policy history in Argentina, paying special attention to the relation between the State and the automobile clubs. In the last years I’ve been addressing the history of Commercial Aviation and aeromobility in Argentina.
Website @melinapiglia

Pinho, Patricia
University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Keywords: tourism, diaspora, identities, solidarity, race
Biography: My research and teaching focus on the topics of blackness, whiteness, racism, and forms of resistance to racism in Brazil. My book, Mama Africa: Reinventing Blackness in Bahia (Duke University Press, 2010) traces the ways in which Africa has been imagined and reinvented by Afro-Bahian cultural groups, functioning, on the one hand, as an inspiring reference for the construction of cultural and political black identities, but serving, on the other hand, to freeze blackness in static icons that are manipulated by the local government and the tourism industry. My forthcoming book examines African American roots/diaspora tourism in Brazil, looking at how tourism can allow for the construction of transnational black solidarity within the geopolitical context of the African diaspora. I am an associate professor in the Department of Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Pirie, Gordon
African Centre for Cities, Africa
African Centre for Cities

Plyushteva, Anna
T²M, Netherlands and Transport Studies Unit
Keywords: transport, cities, work, fairness, methods 
Anna is interested in interviews and other more informal accounts of doing mobilities research; dialogue-type series of posts.


Pooley, Colin
Lancaster University, Cemore, UK
Keywords: Migration, Mobility, Transport, History
Biography: I am Emeritus Professor of Social and Historical Geography at Lancaster University (UK). My current research focuses on the reconstruction of past mobilities using personal accounts such as diaries and oral testimonies, and the interpretation of these mobilities in the context of nineteenth- and twentieth-century British society. I also attempt to show how an historical perspective can inform current transport policies.

Popan, Cosmin
PhD Sociology, Lancaster University, Centre for Mobilities Research, UK
Keywords: cycling, embodiment, slowness, mobility justice, utopias


Praher, Andreas 
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Andreas Praher is Senior Scientist for Migration History at University of Salzburg. His research focuses on history of labour migration and emigration, everyday history, sport history and contempoeary history. He is co-editor of Migrationsstadt Salzburg, Arbeit, Alltag und Migrtion 1960-2010, Salzburg Staat und Diktatur, Salzburg 2018 (together with Minas Dimitriou and Oskar Dohle). He is member of the Austrian Network for Migration History (ANM) and supervises the Austrian Collection of Emigrant Letters and Diaries at the University of Salzburg. Moreover, he is co-ordinator of the conference on football history at the University of Salzburg which took place 2014 and 2017. His dissertation s about Austrian Skiing in the interwar period and National Socialism.
Keywords: labour migration, history, sport history, football history, skiing

Prazeres, Laura
Mobile Lives Forum, France 
Keywords: international study, social networks, home, belonging, identity

Biography: I am a geographer and mobilities scholar with research interests in international student mobility, tourism, migration and displacement, identity, home, belonging, social networks, and emotional geographies.

Puhe, Maike 
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and Cosmobilities
Keywords: Social networks Social practices Agent-based modelling Social simulation Innovation research/ Transition research
Biography: My current research interests are centred on understanding the interrelatedness of technological innovations and socio-economic developments within the mobility system, especially on the potentials of technologies to change established mobility patterns and to enable new mobility concepts. I have put my empirical emphasis on qualitative and comparative methods as well as on possibilities to integrate this sort of research into quantitative transport models.

Putho, Tassya
University of Surrey and School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey
Biography: Tassya is a PhD candidate at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Surrey. Her research looks at the intersection of retirement, mobilities, and tourism with a specific cultural focus on transnational retirees of Thai descent. Methodologically, her work involves qualitative data collected from the United States and Thailand, exploring and comparing different later-life mobility practices, materialities, and experiences.
Keywords: retirement, mobilities, tourism, migration, later life, ageing, mobility practices, familial ties, materialities

Raghunath, Preeti 
University of Hyderabad, India
Biography: I work with critical media policy, and explore liabilities in connection with media policymaking
Keywords: Media policy, change, mobile communities, mobile citizens

Raithelhuber, Eberhard
University of Salzburg, Austria
Keywords: Social Work, Migration, Social Security, Social Policy, Mobilities,
Biography: Dr Eberhard Raithelhuber is a social scientist with a special emphasis on social work and social pedagogy. His current research projects are located at the intersection of child and youth services, migration and mobilities, and social policy and welfare. He has published on transitions in the life course, agency, social support and intervention, youth and young adults, regional development and networks, social policy, citizenship and democracy, transnationalism and migration, and mobility. In October 2014 he took up his tenure track position as an assistant professor at the Department of Educa-tional Science, University of Salzburg, Austria. He co-edits the new peer-reviewed open access journal, ‘Annual Review of Social Work/ Social Pedagogy in Austria’, to be published for the first time in spring 2019. Dr. Raithelhuber uses key mobility concepts (e.g. infrastructure, entitlements to mobility, stillness/limbo/transit, regimes of mobility, (im)mobile figures etc.) to analyze (im)mobile phenomena, e.g. in the context of transnational begging.

Ramirez, Catherine
University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Keywords: migration, labor, precarity, citizenship, denizenship
Biography: Catherine Ramirez is director of the Chicano Latino Research Center and Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is a scholar of race, migration, mobility, and citizenship.

Rao, Prajna
University of British Columbia, Canada

Keywords: everyday life, mobile communities, transport technology, mobility politics
Biography: Prajna Rao is a PhD candidate in the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia. She is broadly interested in everyday urban life and infrastructures in postcolonial contexts. Her current research investigates localized transport (focusing currently on auto-rickshaws) and their relationship with everyday mobilities in the city of Mumbai.

Rauf, Abdul 
Bielefeld University

Reitter, Victoria 
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Victor Reitter has been a Research Assistant and PhD Fellow at the Department of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Salzburg since October 1, 2017. She studied International Business Administration (Mag.a) at the Vienna University of Economics in Vienna and at the Högskolan i Halmstad in Sweden. After completing her bachelor’s and master’s studies at the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology, she was engaged in projects on migration and asylum at the Institute for Political Science as well as at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna.
Keywords: migration, asylum, political science, urban

Riegel, Viviane 
ESPM, PhD Sociology, SP Mobilities (Sao Paulo Mobilities), Brazil
Keywords: cosmopolitanism; international mobility; consumption

Rink, Bradley
Department of Geography, Environmental Studies & Tourism, University of the Western Cape

Keywords: Place-making, mundane mobilities, transport, aeromobility, South Africa
Biography: I am PI for a project entitled ‘Mobilities in the global South’ based at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rocha, Fernanda
Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Biography: I’m a PhD candidate at Federal University of Paraíba, currently researching the development of Public Transportation and Urban Mobility Policy in Brazil. My purpose is to understand the values and conflicts involved in the development of four local mobility plans (São Paulo, Salvador, Fortaleza and João Pessoa), comparing how the tension between social activists, representatives of the private sector and public servants (traffic engineers, urbanists) shapes the implementation of mobility policies in each of theses cities.
During my masters degreee, I studied how cycling advocates in a Brazilian metropolis developed a moral discourse that engaged different minorities in a political agenda aiming a new car-free-city experience. Based on these cycling advocates interactions with public servants, I realized how necessary it is to understand the central role of automobility regimes and values in public agents’ understanding of the mobility system. Most of the time, the cycling advocates had to deal with representatives of the State and the public whose main focus was to guarantee more space for cars.
In few words, my current work attempts to present how the agents involved on the development of mobility plans consider that their role is to protect and guarantee the rights of car users and, at the same time, project a sense that public transportation is associated with the “dangerous classes”.
Keywords: Sociology; Urban Mobility; Sociology of Morality; Automobility; Morality; Rightto the City.

Röhm, Mona 
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Mona Röhm is a Research Assistant and PhD Fellow at the Department of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Salzburg, Austria. She completed the bachelor and master programmes in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna in 2016. From 2017-12018, she was a Research Associate for the project “Release – get through—arrive: A transdisciplinary analysis of the recent situation of refugees in Austria” at the Institute of Urban and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences. She is interested in topics of flight and migration, intimate relationship and social norms/morality.
Keywords: flight, migration, refugee, social norms, morality

Salazar, Noel B.
Cultural Mobilities Research (CuMore) KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Website  @noelbsalazar

Sales, Catarina
University of Beira Interior; CIES-IUL (Center for Reserch and Studies in Sociology)
Keywords: mobilities; transports; inequalities; gender
Biography: Catarina Sales Oliveira is an Assistant Professor at the Sociology’s Department of University of Beira Interior (UBI) and a researcher at CIES-IUL (Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology- University Institute of Lisbon), Portugal. Her research interests are Transports, mobilities and inequalities; Gender and citizenship; Work and organizations. Her PhD focused on Portuguese metropolitan areas using the conceptual framework of mobilities paradigm. Presently she is interested in rural and crossborder mobilities. She has organized, with other colleagues, the first interdisciplinar and internacional event on mobilities in Portugal – the LivingMobs. She also works on gender and high education at the same time that is actively engaged in management activities of organizational change and social intervention in the local community.

Savitzky, Satya
University of St Andrews, UK and Centre for the study of terrorism and political violence
Keywords: Infrastructure automobility violence climate change
Biography: My current research explores the role of automobility infrastructure in political violence.

Scharf, Katharina 
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Katharina Scharf studied History and German Philology in Salzburg. Her master’s thesis was awarded the Erika-Weinzierl-prize in 2016 be the Centre for Gender Studies and Gender Equality (gendup). Her doctoral thesis is in its final stage. Her thesis is a comparative analysis about tourism’s role in regional transformation processes in Salzburg and Savoy in the 19th and early 20th century, in which she focuses on the interdependencies and relations between tourism and mobility enabling infrastructures. In addition, male and female actors, individuals and institutions, acting in favour or against tourism development, are foregrounded. Currently, she is working on a research project with Martin Knoll: Salzburg’s Tourism History in 157 Year of Landtag-Debates. Continuities Discontinuities, and Actors.
Keywords: gender, history, tourism, infrastructure

Schreiter, Miriam
Technische Universitaet Chemnitz, Germany and Cemore, Lancaster, UK
Keywords: mobile images, mobile games

Schweppe, Cornelia, Wolfgang Schröer
TRANSSOS, Germany 

Keywords: transnationalisation, migration, mobility, social networks, belonging
Biography: Due to increasing border crossing of people, social relations, and organizations nation states and their key institutions are being transformed, as these social flows transcend national borders and connect formerly different social worlds together. Social work and other support systems are highly influenced by these border crossing developments. However, so far social work is just beginning to systematically reflect and study them. The Research Center for Transnational Social Support (TRANSSOS) responds to these challenges and aims at the transnational opening and development of social work and related fields. It offers an institutional framework for the systematic advancement of transnational social work.

Selby, Martin 
Associate Head (International), Coventry University, UK
Keywords: Urban, place, image, students, learning

Seyed Mehdi, Shabnam
PhD Research Student, University of Otago, New Zealand
Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations
Keywords: Place Bonding, Settlement, Self-transformation, LGBTs
Biography: Shabnam’s PhD is about the process of place bonding, that means how people make emotional relationship with a place. In doing so, she has interviewed three groups of people: Refugees, Migrants and Tourists. Knowledge on how place bonding is initiated and consolidated could be used to help new residents to adjust more successfully to unfamiliar places and help those people who are forced to leave a loved place and go through a (necessary) disengagement process while they try to form bonds with a new place. The results also show the improvement of well-being in this process.

Sheikh, Farrah
Konkuk University, South Korea and Academy of Mobility Humanities
Keywords: mobility humanities, humanities, technology
Biography: AMH is a newly established research institute hosted at Konkuk University, South Korea. AMH is one of the only research hubs in the Asia-Pacific region that is specifically dedicated to the study of mobilities from a humanistic perspective. Our research covers a wide range of topics including postcolonialism, literature, geography, technology, migration, multiculturalism, culture, space and media. In short, we are interested in the study of movement, people, technologies, space and ideas. AMH also hosts an open access journal, the International Journal of Diaspora and Cultural Criticism which is free to download.

Sheller, Mimi
Drexel University, mCenter, Centre for Mobilities and Policy, Drexel, USA
Keywords: Im/mobilities, Mobility Justice, Caribbean Studies, Mobile Mediality, Mobile Art
Biography: My research began in Caribbean Studies, focusing on re-thinking historical and comparative understandings of democratization, popular political participation, connected global economies, and diverse (im)mobilities. I have broadened and deepened my research in this area over the past 20 years through my books Democracy After Slavery (University Press of Florida, 2000, CHOICE award 2002), Consuming the Caribbean (Routledge, 2003), Citizenship from Below (Duke University Press, 2012), and Aluminum Dreams (MIT Press, 2014), as well as dozens of articles in prominent historical and areas studies journals. My most recent work addresses Caribbean climate change in relation to colonial histories and alternative visions for resilience and reconstruction after disasters, through a series of articles and my forthcoming book Island Futures: Caribbean Survival in the Anthropocene (Duke University Press, 2019). Partly as a result of the work I began in Caribbean Studies, I turned to the development of a new field of mobilities when I was at Lancaster University, where I co-founded the Centre for Mobilities Research with John Urry, and the journal Mobilities with John and Kevin Hannam. My work in the field especially analyzes how power is exercised through mobility regimes and uneven infrastructures that (re)produce social inequalities. I helped to define this field through highly cited foundational articles such as “The New Mobilities Paradigm” (Sheller & Urry 2006), “Mobilities, Immobilities Moorings” (Hannam, Sheller & Urry 2006), and “The City and the Car” (Sheller and Urry 2000). Beginning in the early 2000s I brought together scholarship in the field in a series of co-edited books, Tourism Mobilities (Sheller & Urry, 2004), Mobile Technologies of the City (Sheller & Urry 2006), Routledge Handbook of Mobilities (Adey, Bissell, Hannam, Merriman, Sheller 2014), and Mobility and Locative Media (De Souza e Silva & Sheller 2015). This year I have published the book Mobility Justice: The Politics of Movement in an Age of Extremes (Verso, 2018), the first major theoretical work on this concept, as well as a co-edited collection, Mobilities and Complexities (Routledge, 2018). I also have a growing body of work on mobile media and the intersections of social science with the arts. I co-edited two special issues for leading journals in this field, Public Art Dialogue (2015, with Freeman) and Leonardo Electronic Almanac (2016, with Iverson), growing out of an art exhibition of “mobile art” (using digital media and augmented reality formats).

Shinozaki, Kyoko
University of Salzburg, Austria
Biography: Kyoko Shinozaki is Professor of Sociology with a focus on “Social Change and Mobilities” at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg. She has been looking at processes of contemporary international migration of both ‘less-skilled’and ‘skilled’ flows. She is particularly interested in how these processes re-create and re-constitute inequalities along the intersecting divisions of ‘race’/ethnicity, class and gender from a transnational perspective. Her longstanding area of research is migrant domestic and care workers and their transnational family life. Her monograph, Migrant Citizenship from Below: Family, Domestic Work and Social Activism in Irregular Migration (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) was selected for the session “Author meets Critics” at the 2016 ISA Forum in Vienna. her more recent interest is in the articulation of intersecting social inequalities in higher education institutions and global knowledge production. She looks at scientists’ transnational mobility and the role higher education and related organisations play in validating cultural capital in the context of higher education institutions in both Western Europe and East Asia are increasingly being transnationalised. Currently, she is a Speaker of the Section “Feminist Theory and Gender Studies” of the Austrian Sociological Association and was a founding member and Speaker on the section “Gender and Sexuality” of the Council of Migration (Rat fur Migration) in Berlin. She serves on several boards, including the DSP Kolleg “On the Move”, the Research Network “International Migration, Integration, Social Cohesion in Europe” (IMISCOE), the Centre for Integration Research (Technische Universitat Dresden) and academic journals, Gender and Austrian Journal of Sociology.
Keywords: social inequality, transnational mobility, sexuality, gender, social cohesion

Singh, Dhan Zunino
CONICET, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina and T²M
History, culture, technologies, cities, practices


Smith, Naomi
Federation University Australia and AusMob
Keywords: digital methods, social media, place, digital media
Biography: Naomi Smith is a digital sociologist whose research interests include space and place, social media and digital methods. Her current research projects examine the affective and aesthetic dimensions of the intersection of place and social media and the effect of social media on the circulation of knowledge. She is particularly interested in how place and digital media are co-constitutive. Her publications examine the structure and nature of communities and social relationships online and on social media specifically. Her recent research examining the structure of anti-vaccination communities on Facebook has received international coverage.
Twitter Website

Sodero, Stephanie
Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University, Edinburgh University, Scotland
Biography: A Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-2018), I research crisis mobilities at Lancaster University’s Centre for Mobilities Research. My focus is on understanding how blood supply chains work and in what ways they are vulnerable to infrastructure disruption, particularly related to climate change. Through a Canadian Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (2018-2020), I will continue this work at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology.

Keywords: Crisis, blood supply, climate change
Website  @ssodero

Speier, Amy
Reproductive Mobilities Network and University of Texas Arlington, USA
Keywords: reproductive travel; surrogacy; health tourism
Biography: Associated Professor of Anthropology at UT Arlington. A medical anthropologist engaged in ways that reproduction and travel intersect. Author of Fertility Holidays: IVF Tourism and the Reproduction of Whiteness, NYU Press 2016.

Stafford, Jonathan
University of Nottingham, UK
Biography: Jonathan Stafford is an interdisciplinary scholar of the sea, with a particular focus on maritime mobilities, landscape and culture. His PhD (2015) examined the heterodox narratives of modernity presented by nineteenth-century colonial steamship connections with the East. He is currently a research fellow at the University of Nottingham, researching the historical geographies of media cultures in collaboration with the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford.
Keywords: media, steamship, sea, maritime

Stanek, Marcin B.
Durham University, UK
Biography: Marcin Stanek is a PhD candidate in Human Geography at Durham University, UK. In his research, he analyses schooling-related mobilities (of knowledge, discourses, people, objects) and what these can tell us about contemporary politics of education. Theoretically, Marcin’s research is grounded in the new mobilities paradigm, decolonial theories, and critical pedagogy. Empirically, Marcin has conducted ethnographic research in Bolivia, Poland and Switzerland. His most recent project, his doctoral study, focuses on the Bolivian decolonial education law, epistemic justice and schooling-related mobilities in Cochabamba, the third largest city in Bolivia.
Keywords: education, human geography, bolivia, law, justice

Sweet, Rooey 
Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, UK
Biography: Rooey Sweet is Professor of Urban History at the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester and Director of Partnerships and Engagement at the Arts and Humanities Research Council. She is one of the co-editors of Urban History and a member of the International Commission of the History of Towns and a Trustee of the British Historic Towns Trust. As an eighteenth-century historian she has focused upon domestic tourism within Great Britain and upon travel in Europe, specifically, the Italian grand tour: Cities and the Grand Tour: the British in Italy 1690-1820 was published by Cambridge University Press in 2012 and in 2017 she edited a collection of essays with Sarah Goldsmith and Gerrit Verhoeven, Beyond the Grand Tour: Northern Metropolises and Early Modern Travel Behaviour which is published by Routledge. She is currently working on a study of the relationship between the rise of domestic tourism and the invention of the ‘historic’ city in the first half of the nineteenth century.
Keywords: domestic tourism, travel, historic city, urban history

Symonds, Dr Paul
Cardiff Met. University, Travel Wayfinding, Wales 
Keywords: Wayfinding, embodiment, mobility, navigation, signage
Biography: Paul has a PhD in wayfinding which connects wayfinding, mobilities and embodiment and he now provides wayfinding training and consultancy.
Twitter, Facebook, PhD Thesis 

Talianni, Katerina
PhD candidate Music, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Keywords: Sound, music, walking, commons, acoustic communities in movement


Temenos, Cristina
Geography & Manchester Urban Institute University of Manchester, UK

Keywords: Policy Mobilities, Social Movements, Social Policy, Urban Mobilities
Website @CTemenos

Tilburg, Cornelis van
Leiden University, T²M
Roman roads, Roman city planning

Trowell, Emily
University of Lancaster
Biography: Emily Trowell is a Fine Artist, researching the limitations of immersion, escapism, tourism, cohabitation, exploration and mobility within virtual worlds, specifically video game platforms. She generally works transforming, manipulating and modifying the worlds of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim V to create virtual worlds for herself and participants to tour/ cohabit. Emily currently works at the Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University. Emily was asked to write about her practice as part of the Artist Associates of the Centre, which can be viewed here. Emily is also actively exhibiting her art around the country, most recently in the Birley Gallery, Preston from 1st-29th June, 2019.
Keywords: Escapism, immersion, exploration, mobility, cohabitation, exploration.

Turdalieva, Cholpon 
Cemore, Lancaster and American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan
Keywords: Kyrgyzstan, mobility, women, equality, , social exclusion, public transport

Tuvikene, Tauri
Centre for Landscape and Culture, Estonia

Keywords: post-socialism, urban mobilities, urban theory, transport infrastructures, walking, automobilities
Biography: Tauri Tuvikene, PhD, is a researcher at Tallinn University in Estonia. His research deals with comparative urbanism in relation to post-socialist cities and comparative methods, on which he has published in IJURR, Current Sociology and Eurasian Geography and Economics. He also works on the practices and regulations of urban mobility in socialist and post-socialist cities, using Tallinn, Estonia as a case study. He did his doctoral dissertation on the politics of car parking at UCL Geography and is currently carrying out a post-doctoral research project on urban walking and its relation to the different embodiments of law (at Tallinn University, “Urban Walkscapes: Socio-Material Assemblages of Pedestrian Practices and Regulations in Tallinn, Estonia Urban Walkscapes”, 2016-2018).

Tzanelli, Rodanthi
Leeds University, T²M, UK

Keywords: tourism/ travel, hospitality, urban design, technology, consumption
I am Associate Professor of Cultural Sociology at Leeds University, UK. My general research interests include globalization, cosmopolitanism and mobility theory. I serve on several journal boards, including The Global Studies Journal and Cultural Sociology and am on various international Advisory Boards. I have been visiting staff at CEMORE, Lancaster (Department of Sociology) and Oxford (Department of Anthropology). I am author of several academic articles, book chapters and 10 books, including Thanatourism and Cinematic Representations of Risk: Screening the End of Tourism (2016) and Mega-Events as Economies of the Imagination: Creating Atmospheres for Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 (Routledge).

Website @Rodanthipu

Vainikka, Joni 
University of Oulu, Finland
Biography: Postdoc Researcher at the RELATE CoE @UniOulu working on the Geographies of Networks and the Geopolitics of Human Rights. This project involves analysis of network/relational thinking and its emergence in human geography, especially. I did my rather extensive PhD on identities and regions with a post-structuralist touch. I am also interested in the relationship between aeromobilities and new regionalism, methodological questions in social sciences and the history of cartography/geography. I am relocating to Aalborg, Denmark in 2019.
Keywords: identity, region, focus groups, mobility, air traffic, reflexivity, time, scale, relational space, networks, civic organizations, electoral geography, geopolitics
Twitter Website

Vasilopoulou, Christina 
PhD Candidate NTUA, Greece
Keywords: Road network, modernity, time, landscape

Vathi, Zana
Edge Hill University, and Cemore, UK
Keywords: Migration

Velasco, Laura
Professor Researcher, Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Mexico
Biography: Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Mexican US border, 

Keywords: Geopolitical borders, displacement and cultural practices

Verlinghieri, Ersilia
University of Oxford, Transport Studies Unit, UK
Biography: Ersilia is a Research Associate in the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford. She researches resilience and resourcefulness in urban transport and individuals’ everyday mobilities in the context of the ‘Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport’ project. More broadly, her research interests are focused on the conceptualisation of transport and mobility justice and on how transport disadvantaged mobilise capabilities and resources to deal with the mobility crises. She obtained her PhD at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds (2012-2016), with a thesis entitled “Planning for resourcefulness: exploring new frontiers for participatory transport planning theory and practice in Rio de Janeiro and L’Aquila”. She has also previously taught on a number of undergraduate programmes and worked as a Research Assistant at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Leeds

Veselkova, Natalia
Ural Federal Uni, Russia
Keywords: Mobilities in Russia, especially in the Urals

Vickers, Tom
Nottingham Trent University
Keywords: migration, Marxism, imperialism, racism, capitalism, precarity, austerity
Biography: Tom Vickers is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Nottingham Trent University, Britain. His research is intimately connected to his participation in social movements, community organising and community education, as a form of critical public sociology spanning diverse struggles. His research and activism spans issues including migration and borders, asylum, precarity, and austerity. His published work includes Refugees, Capitalism and the British State (Ashgate, 2012), Borders, Migration and Class in an Age of Crisis: Producing Immigrants and Workers (Bristol University Press, in press), and articles in a range of peer-reviewed academic journals and activist publications.
Twitter Website

Vogl, Gerlinde
Universität Oldenburg, Germany and Cosmobilities 
mobile work


Wagner, Lauren B.
Maastricht University
Biography: I am a post-disciplinary social scientist, with roots in anthropology, geography and sociolinguistics and interests in materiality, interaction and assemblage. My thematic focus is on diasporic mobilities, specifically between Morocco and Europe, and how ordinary practices like shopping, leisure consumption, and travelling accumulate into phenomena with consequences for social diversity.
Keywords: diaspora, dwelling, materiality, interaction, practice

Walker, Amy
University of Birmingham, UK
Keywords: Embodiment, Emotion, Family, Children, Intimacy
Biography: I am a Human Geography PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham interested in the mobilities of children with separated parents. My research explores the particular spatialities, materialities and temporalities of children’s journeys between their parents homes, and their entanglements with the emotions, affects, moods, intimacies and distances produced when mobile. It therefore, asks questions of the challenges and opportunities mobility presents for the (un)doing of family and (re)creation of intimate familial relationships in post-separation families.

Wentland, Alexander 
Munich Center for Technology in Society and Cosmobilities, Germany 
Keywords:  Governance and practice of innovation; Sociotechnical imaginaries, futures, utopias; Mobility, transportation, infrastructures; Energy and society; Risk and vulnerability
Biography: Alexander Wentland is a postdoctoral researcher in the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS), where he works on projects concerning travelling imaginaries of innovation and contemporary technopolitics. Alexander’s research focuses on innovation, sustainability transitions, and mobility futures. In his thesis at the Technical University of Berlin, he examined the relationship between political discourse, local assemblages and cultural imagination related to the electrification of transportation in Germany. Alexander is also affiliated with the Science Policy Research Group at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and the Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard University.
Website  @a_wentland

Wenzlhuemer, Roland
LMU, Germany
Biography: Roland Wenzlhuemer is Professor of Modern History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and the director of the Munich Centre for Global History. He is particularly interested in the history of globalization in the long nineteenth century. In this context, he has recently worked on the history of the telegraph and of steamship passages. On the basis of such empirical research, he is also trying to contribute to a re-evaluation of the conceptual foundations of the field of global history. He is the author of Connecting the Nineteenth-Century World: The Telegraph and Globalization schreiben (UTB 2017; English translation Doing Global history forthcoming with Bloomsbury 2019).
Keywords: globalization history, telegraph, steamship, maritime

Wilson, Sharon (FHEA)
University of Northumbria and Cosmobilities, UK 
Mobilities, Embodiment, Tourism, Transhumanism, Cultural Studies
As a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events at University of Northumbria Business School and inter-disciplinary researcher, my interests are in urban mobilities, events and society, cultural tourism and the creative industries. Theoretically positioned across a range of field of practices I wish to invite art, tourism, geographies, transport ontologies and debates of a post-human kind into my work and aim to strongly connect with Cemore, T2M, Cosmobilities Network, Social Futures to make contributions to what is an emergent and dynamic set of fields of practice and debate. I invite interest in collaborations in all arias of human mobility and welcome ongoing connectivity’s with other academics in the network.


Xu, Dr Cora Lingling
Network for Research into Chinese Education Mobilities and Cemore, Lancaster
Chinese, social mobility, cross-border, transborder, transnational

Website  @ChiEdMobilities

Yin, Ping
Beijing Jiaotong University, China 
Keywords: Tourism, railway, train, travel  
Biography: Associate Professor in the Department of Tourism
Biography: Engaged in HSR and tourism development for almost 5 years, and started to explore more in railway tourism and tourism mobilities. Eager to learn more information like conference, new publicans about related fields.
Managementpyinbjtu @wechat


Youngs, Gillian
Centre for Mobilities Research, Canterbury Christchurch University, UK 
Time, Space, Globalization, Digital, Creative

Biography: I am an applied theorist researching innovation at the intersections of the start-up and research sectors. I am focused on creative arts and design as drivers of innovation in the next stages of digital economy and its experiential and immersive trajectories.

Zhang, Gaoheng
University of British Columbia, Canada

Keywords: Italian-Chinese, cultures, mobilities, migration, mobilities, multiculturalism, media, rhetoric, ethics, masculinity, and meaning-making
 Italian-Chinese mobilities and cultures


Zhang, Jie
Hainan Normal University and Centre for Mobilities Research
Biography: Currently a lecturer on Comparative Literature at College of Chinese Language and literature, Hainan Normal University, I focus my research on cultural studies, critical theories and cross-boundary research, recently interested in noise and modern transportations.
Based on my PhD research, I have published one book The Cultural Politics of Railways, talking about how railways have greatly changed China since the late Qing Dynasty. I also published several papers about noise in Contemporary Chinese cities, one of which was published in Chinese Urbanism:Critical Perspectives, edited by Mark Jayne.
I have undertaken two research projects (national and provincial) about mobilities in China, which are based on my previous research about trains and mobilities research led by John Urry. And thanks to my visiting experience in Durham University (Sep 2010-Aug 2011), I have been committed to the idea that literature research and critical theories should be interdisciplinary, and indeed, studies of Sociology and Human Geography have continuously given me inspirations.
Keywords: cultural politics of railways, mobilities theory, critical theory, cultural studies, noise studies