Our Aim 

The Global Mobilities Network brings together the worldwide community of mobilities researchers, activists and their partners in industry, policy and communities to develop the analytical and methodological purchase of the mobilities paradigm, and its impact, for research co-creation.

Regional and institutional mobilities networks and centres worldwide have been key to developing mobilities research into the intellectual force that it now is. The Global Mobilities Network will bring together these regional and institutional mobilities networks and centres to form a truly international connected mobilities community. Read More …

Joining Us 

We’re searching for as many new members as possible to help widen and strengthen our network’s connections. Please visit the joining page here for more information.

New Year Update  

Dear GMN members,

Happy New Year to everyone. Along with the start of 2018, we’re offering GMN members the opportunity to promote and share all the most recent mobilities-related news with the community that we have begun to form in this space.

In terms of the site, our goal is to ultimately make GMN a space where members can take control, publishing, posting, advertising and sharing information using their own accounts. Currently, however, we have assigned a point of contact for if ever you would like to add news, info, events, etc…

To keep the site updated, we are asking all GMN members to please send any info on:

-upcoming events

-calls for papers

-new mobilities centres/ points of contact


-book series


-other mobilities-related news

to the GMN and Cemore administrator at cemore@lancaster.ac.uk along with any queries or further suggestions about GMN. They will be able to upload and promote your contributions for you.

Additionally, to help the network grow, please keep sharing the GMN with others who might be interested in joining.

Thank you as always.

The GMN team.


Contact us: cemore@lancaster.ac.uk

Location Base: Mobilities Lab, Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University.