The John Urry Library

Update: The books are packed!

The John Urry Library is a free resource for global scholars. It has a physical and a virtual component. The physical part contains over 2000 books and journals, the virtually complete personal library of John Urry. It will be housed in a special section at Sao Paulo University. The virtual part will be housed here at the Global Mobilities Network. It currently consists of a list of the books.   

International scholars, designers, policy-makers are invited to work in the John Urry Library section at Sao Paulo University to study the complex contemporary challenges John Urry’s work provides analytical purchase on, from global disorganised capitalism to climate change, mobilities, and social futures.

The virtual library on this website provides a forum for discussion, and we hope to be able to make elements of the publications that are open access available here, as well as crowdsource translations. We would greatly appreciate and help. If you have ideas or would be willing to work with us, please get in touch with us at

We are also exploring possibilities for establishing a funding resource for fellowships. In the meantime, please see here for funding opportunities that may lend themselves to supporting a stay at the John Urry Library at Sao Paulo University.

This is a collaboration between the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University and the Latin American Mobilities Network, led by Monika Buscher and Bianca Freire Medeiros.

The books are packed!

The books were here at Lancaster University Library …